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This letter to the editors of the West Australian by Ian Kerr of Mt Lawley makes so many valid points about the failures of our planning process that it deserves to be spread around, so that more people can read it and comment on it.

The rights of local communities to have a proper say on city planning have been eroded over the years by giving more power to the Joint Development Assessment Panels(JDAP), SAT and the WA Planning Commission, which often overrule local council decisions and approve inappropriate high and bulky buildings in character suburbs.

Main Roads is all about moving vehicles, with often scant regard for pedestrians and other road users, and JDAP is all about building bigger buildings and higher density, and not about amenity and aesthetics. That needs to change.

Great letter, Ian Kerr! Keep up the good fight!

Roel Loopers


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  1. Ian Ker said, on November 17, 2018 at 11:03 am

    Thanks, Roel. It is critical that we keep this issue in the public eye.

    There has largely been silence, until now, since submissions on the planning green paper closed on 20th July, 2018, but given various statements previously made about ‘quick wins’ – not to mention the fact that we are approaching the halfway mark of this term of government – it would be reasonable to expect some response within 6 months. That puts it, of course, fairly and squarely in the festive season, when families are on holiday and most of us have our minds on other things than the WA planning system.

    Is Caddy’s article the first ‘softening up’ blow in this process?

    I might well be unduly cynical in drawing attention to the possibility that the Government’s proposals for change might be announced in the lead-up to Christmas/New Year, thus slipping under the radar of many, especially community organisations that tend to go into recess in December/January.

    Indeed, I hope I am proved wrong, but just in case, I’ll be keeping a close eye on what happens and bring it to attention on my ‘Vincent Observer’ blog ( and on my Twitter account (


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