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I have been thinking a bit about the push for Destination Marketing Fremantle, which would likely mean the end of Fremantle BID, and why there is a sense of urgency when we hear that Tom Griffiths, the present Manager Economic Development and Marketing, will be leaving the City of Fremantle.

There is no doubt that the new marketing manager will have her/his own thoughts about retail versus destination marketing, or a combination of both, so would it not make more sense for Fremantle Council to wait with its decision until a new marketing manager has been appointed and our elected members can find out from that new officer which direction (s)he wants to go with a new marketing strategy?

I agree with critics that BID has not worked as well as it could have. It connected Freo’s traders well but failed to have a big picture approach, but let’s also be clear that BID specifically was created for the CBD retailers and hospitality traders. But I also believe that the City’s Fremantle Story is not a great marketing campaign because it too did a lot of small things and there is far too much and hard to find information on that website.

Destination marketing will attract people to Fremantle, but an essential part of it needs to be to communicate with visitors what they can do in Fremantle every day, but also on the specific day(s) they are here. That has been lacking forever and it needs to change, so that people will linger longer in Fremantle. Getting back to basics with a What’s On In Freo Today might just be the start.

Starting a new marketing strategy just months before a new marketing manager will be appointed makes no sense, so Council should be very careful not to rush a decision about Destination Marketing Fremantle prematurely.

Roel Loopers

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  1. Andrew Eastick said, on April 16, 2018 at 2:15 pm

    Hi Roel

    I agree with your position on this.

    It would be most unreasonable to recruit the type of creative person that needs to be in the Manager Economic Development and Marketing position, having just months before saddled that person with a structure that they will very likely want to change immediately.

    Far better for the Council to buy some time in recruiting the new Manager Economic Development and Marketing (it took about six months to fill the position after I left in January 2013) and delay for one more year in considering making the changes that are now proposed.

    In addition, it is interesting to note that a number of letters of support for stripping the BID of its funds are tourism marketing bodies.

    In my time with the Council there was confusion about the nature of the marketing of Fremantle, which I tried hard to resolve.

    In short the funds from the differential rate that currently funds the BID are primarily from CBD business with a retail interest. These businesses largely rely on customers from the Fremantle retail catchment area (which isn’t just Fremantle!), and are in serious competition with Claremont Quarter, Garden City and Cockburn Gateway for business.

    That’s why, in my opinion, diverting the use of the funds that those businesses contribute by way of the differential rate (essentially an extra amount of rates they pay) into tourism marketing is wrong.

    The other important principal in all this is that it places the Council again into a position where it should not be, with a heightened expectation of the CBD business community that the Council’s marketing on their behalf (using their money) is therefore directly responsible for their success or failure.

    Kind regards
    Andrew Eastick
    0419 208 102

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