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  1. olgacironis said, on April 29, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    This is such a disgusting proposal for an area that is already compromised by space, noise and clean air. Who would want to live so close to the Stirling Bridge, overlooking the cars and trucks zooming by? The power needed for air-conditioning at each apartment will make a joke of what Saracen Developers, architect M Patroni call sustainable design. What is sustainable about such a huge development? The shadowing over George Street will be huge, the horizon line that WA is famous for will be lost forever and people’s privacy compromised. The stacking of car parking spaces for the apartments is a joke. One car per apartment? Or two? Or three? Then what about the visitors? No parking for them? East Fremantle is all for filling in space and more housing but what about the loss of green space and trees that help to keep the area cooler compared to concrete infill? This insensitive development is a great example of unsophisticated greedy WA developers.
    People live in the area of East Fremantle in particular Plympton Ward for the historic architecture and a sense of a village feel. This development will compromise this unique area. Lets think further than the bucks that will fill the developers, designers and architects etc pockets lets think about community. The Royal George can be returned to it’s former glory to make endless profit for the developers as a pub or bar with restaurant and art studios.
    WA is notorious for unsustainable developments and I feel this is one of them! Saracen Properties want 19 – 20 storey development, a typical bargaining tool developers use where they ask for double to what they think they may get away with. Then they “compromise” and go for 15 and then 10 storey. We must not be idle and we need to get clever! to this red neck behaviour. No 19 storey, no 15 and no ten storey. This is NOT a sustainable development it is shamefully egotistic and greedy while being unsympathetic to its surrounding area and community. If we are to maintain our unique WA way of life that WA is famous for and which people from all over the world come to experience, we need to curb such insensitive development.
    I feel that this development is not “modern” because to be modern and futuristic one needs to be aware of sustainability that includes a mixed community, supports a way of life that is inclusive and has a gentle foot print on the earth. To be honest I am saddened that we need to again fight for our right to live simply. Yes some may say that this development will enable more people to live and benefit from living in this area. That jobs will be created for the bar and restaurant etc etc. My concern is that this community has gone through some huge changes in the last twenty years or more. People have been attracted to this area for its history and colourful artistic culture? The art studios that the Royal George Hotel nurtured has been lost along with the gallery and the Thai restaurant that attracted many many people. Do we need to further destroy the colourful culture of Fremantle and support monoculture that always kills that which we are attracted to in the first place? I am all good with healthy development and change, but not at the expense of history and culture.

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