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Fremantle Mayoral candidate Ra Stewart does not bother much about facts and is happy to continue criticising Fremantle Council with non-factual claims.

On her Facebook page she writes: …..Mayor Brad Pettitt has come out in the last couple of days and proposed changes to the current Council policy by offering free parking after 3:00 pm for Fremantle residences.

But if Stewart had bothered to take the time to inform herself, such as checking the City’s website, she would have known that free residents parking, with the appropriate permit, after 3 pm and before 11 am has been on for very many years. I have eight stickers on my car windscreen to prove it, and had them on previous cars as well, so it must have been implemented over ten years ago.

This is the person who wants to lead our Council and community, but who is not at all interested in facts. Stewart is either very lazy or too arrogant to check facts, and that is not the quality I would like to see in a Mayor.

The other day she claimed the Portuguese Club might be moving to Cockburn, when only two months ago the City and the club signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the club to relocate to the St John’s site in Parry Street.

We are getting a lot of hyperbole and hot air from Stewart but not a lot of substance, and that is extremely disappointing and a serious worry.


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