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An article in today’s West Australian by Ian Carter, the CEO of Anglicare WA, should be reminder to us all that we need to do more for homeless people. It is a blight on society that in a rich country like Australia thousands of people have to live on the streets.

Ian Carter writes that only one per cent of rental properties in the Perth area are affordable to people on Newstart or on a pension. That is ridiculously low and not acceptable.

Affordable rent is considered to be no more than 30 per cent of income, hence the latest Census shows we have 9592 homeless people and another 7070 are at risk of becoming homeless, as they live in caravan parks and overcrowded accommodation.

The main reasons for becoming homeless, according to Anglicare, are domestic violence, sexual abuse, mental health, financial troubles, and substance use.

The Anglicare CEO writes in the West Australian that social housing should be near transport nodes and accessible to human services and government resources.

It is important not to see homeless people as an unsightly sight on our streets, but as people who deserve and require our compassion and support. I have no doubt we could do a whole lot better if we really tried.


Roel Loopers


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  1. Rob Fittock said, on August 4, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    unfortunately Roel it has been a problem far longer than the 45 years ago when St Pats first helped the homeless in Freo and sadly it is getting worse because of all the other issues and challenges people are now struggling with

    it’s a world wide problem and there is no easy fix apart from assisting those in need of shelter, food, clothing et cetera and in many cases just a friendly chat as their confidence and ability to cope has been shattered and we should never judge as we could find ourselves in the same position

    TLC is also a good option

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