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I am sorry to do this to you City of Fremantle administration, but how can you get it so wrong?!

The new road sharing signs painted along Marine Terrace at the Esplanade are totally useless. This is a good concept with a lamentable and laughable execution.

It is a cutesy gimmick that does not work because the signs are barely visible from a moving car. The dimensions and colours are all wrong.

They are good signs for pedestrians but wrong and ineffective for motorists, because one has to be almost on top of them to see them properly.

Signs painted on roads need to have a longer vertical image because of the perspective, as they do on footy grounds where they paint distorted signs on the turf so that they are very visible from the camera angles. Surely CoF officers and designers should know these things.

Here some of the info Fremantle City put out to the public about the signs:

As part of creating a more welcoming and safer urban environment in the Fremantle city centre for all transport modes, the City is trialling the use of ‘fun’ transport symbols in key areas of activity on roads or paths.

To trial this concept, we are installing five clusters of symbols (a car, a bicycle and a heart) on Marine Terrace parallel to Esplanade Park. 

This section of Marine Terrace is a key link for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians moving between the city centre, Esplanade Park, the Fremantle Youth Plaza, Fishing Boat Harbour and Bathers Beach.

The symbols will be located before key pinch points on this stretch of road and before the speed reduction platforms near the intersections of Marine Terrace with Essex Street and Collie Street.


Roel Loopers

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  1. Bob said, on August 4, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    More clutter on and in an already cluttered roadway and streetscape. Then there is those stupid un-needed bike stencils along Ellen St indicating the way to Fremantle ( and to Melville) …when the city is already obvious in front…and why at about 100m spacing of them? Where are the figures regarding people losing the way in Ellen St. In my view Fremantle has the worst street signage – street furniture deign aesthetics of ANYWHERE I have been. What happened to the “sight lines” era that was so important a few years ago…in order to preserve the special character of the city’s face. Everytime a new signage fad comes along there is a new design. I thought there were highly considered and standardised signage protocols already in place.

  2. Sam said, on August 3, 2017 at 8:30 pm

    What is with this obsession Council has with every bit of plain cement or plaster needing to be covered with pointless signs and garish ‘art’? Leave it alone! It hurts my eyes!

  3. Steve Grant said, on August 3, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    After mowing down a pedestrian while swerving violently to avoid whatever it was that had suddenly appeared on the wet and gloomily-lit Marine Terrace last night, I slowed down to work out what they were, momentarily distracted enough to take out some wing-mirrors along the way. Figuring out what they were didn’t help; the uninspiring design and unsympathetic placement caused me to roll my eyes back in my head and I accidentally veered to the left and clipped a cyclist. I agree Roel, this one is a fail.

  4. Rob Fittock said, on August 3, 2017 at 12:41 pm

    always good to trial these things if it has been done after good research and rationale

    this section of the Terrace is a bit of a challenge as you cycle past the parked cars always keeping an eye on the driver’s doors opening by giving yourself a metre clearance and at the same time passing motorists also giving you a metre clearance

    maybe an additional feature should be a 20 to 30 speed limit and this is also where the Woonerf concept can be applied to take the domination of the car away

    somehow Freo seems to want to reinvent the wheel because it’s not Freo to not do so if that makes sense

  5. Lionel said, on August 3, 2017 at 11:33 am

    Agreed. The contrast on the green bike is so poor that you can barely see it, making it look like the message is simply to love cars.

  6. Ian Ker said, on August 3, 2017 at 10:55 am

    Even if you (car driver or otherwise) see these signs, what on earth would you make of them? There is a reason we have standard traffic signs – so that everyone knows what they mean.
    Even the colours of the Fremantle ones vary from location to location – so the logical perception would be that they mean different things.
    And some colours do have conventional meanings – especially red for danger, stop or prohibited and green for safe, go or allowed. Red car/green bike; green car/red bike????? And then there’s the amber bike/car – what on earth do they mean – wait until they change to green/red?
    I think these designers have been viewing too many Telstra ads – where the design is the same but colours vary – which may be good for brand recognition but fails to carry any other message.

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