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A little relief for all those who complained about the new speedhumps in Fremantle.

Ten humps were removed from South Terrace, four from Ord Street and two from Wray Avenue, so it is a bit more comfy to drive along those streets.

Speedhumps are unfortunately a necessary evil, as too many motorists ignore road rules and show little consideration for cyclists and pedestrians.

If motorists behaved more maturely and responsibly we might one day live in a world without the ugly traffic calming devices.


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  1. Helmut Verde said, on July 20, 2017 at 4:55 am

    There is two sides to this coin

    Perhaps more cyclist could learn the road rules and both cyclist and pedestrians could look before stepping or rolling out onto the street

    I’ve never noticed that speed was a probkem for either Wray Ave or the terrace, 50km/hr is the speed limit same as a suburban street.

    If your not capable of crossing the terrace without a crossing guard, should you be on the street?
    All road users have a responsibility for road safety

    I find it amazing that the lowest denominator always roles back to the motorist who is using the road for what it is designed to do?

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