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* Fremantle Council deferred the application for a five-storey tourist accommodation development for the Mills Records site at Adelaide Street on a motion by Mayor Brad Pettitt.

* The Mayor believed the lines of the new building should have a stronger vertical impression and be more complimentary to the old building in front, and that the pergolas should be removed.

* Council rejected an application for parking permits for the residents of the Warders Cottages in the Henderson Street Mall, with Councillor Sullivan saying the mall should be car and parking free.

* A two-storey addition and additional use of the site as a restaurant and health studio in South Fremantle was also rejecetd by Council because the area is zoned residential and it would create parking, noise and smell issues for local residents.

* Scheme Amendment 68 for a mixed use zone for Brockman Place and Hampton Road was also debated with Councillors expressing concerns about traffic and that there should be a clear integration with Hollis Park.

Councillor Andrew Sullivan said it needed to be genuinely beneficial for the community and residents, and that getting it wrong now could mean millions and millions of dollars of cost for the City in the future.

Councillor Sam Wainwright said that everyone will be a winner by preserving a road corridor that will be needed when the area is being developed.

* The packed full public gallery was not at all impressed with the self-indulgence of Councillor Jon Strachan, who presented a 20-minute slide show of his visit to the sister city of Molfetta at the start of the council meeting, when everyone wanted to get on with business at hand and far more important items to deal with than the Councillor’s last supper in Italy.

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