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Sunset Events received a hurry up notice from Fremantle Council last night when the elected members unanimously rejected the request to delay the start of their lease for the number one unit at J Shed, by one year to July 2018.

This means Sunset Events will now have to start paying rent for the Bathers Beach unit from July 1 this year.

Councillors expressed their disappointment that Sunset Events had not used their best endeavour to obtain planning and liquor licensing approval, and that they had sat on their hands for eight months since the initial proposal for a tavern and outdoor concert venue was rejected by the WA Planning Commission.

As Councillor Bryn Jones said Council should not reward Sunset Events for doing nothing for a long period but then to come at the midnight hour to want an extension of the lease.

Councillors Thompson, Waltham and Sullivan believed that the alternative proposal would give the City more leverage to cancel the lease if Sunset Events did not get a move on, but several public speakers had wanted a full rejection and the elected members voted the way the community wanted them to vote.

Good to see election candidates Ra Stewart and Claudia Green in the public gallery. Anyone who stands for Council and put their hand up to support their community has my respect!

Roel Loopers


Members of the public have been questioning why Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt and Councillors Sam Wainwright and Rachel Pemberton declare a conflict of interest when Council debates the Sunset Events tavern at J Shed. They leave the Chamber and do not take part in the discussion and do not vote on the agenda item.

It is not clear at all, so I did some thorough investigation and found out the real reasons for it.

It turns out that Councillor Pemberton as a four-year-old once listened to the music of a certain band and she had heard rumours that Sunset Events guru David Chitty had bought an LP of that same band in 1987, hence she believes the community might have the impression that because she shares the same love for the same band as Chitty she could not be impartial.

Councillor Sam Wainwright’s seventh cousin of the sixth uncle of his grandfather was a union representative in Victoria, which looked after brewery workers. It is possible that beer from that brewery was once sold at a Sunset Events concert, hence the conflict of interest for this councillor.

Mayor Brad Pettitt had concerns that in 1975 French backpacker Bradouin Petit might have worked as a kitchenhand for a foodstall at a Sunset Events Concert and because of the similarity of names the community might question his impartiality, hence his declaration of conflict of interest.

This makes it all very clear, as mud, but one still has to wonder why the three elected members initially voted to grant a 21-year lease to Sunset Events and their conflict of interest did not exist then.

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  1. Sam Wainwright said, on June 30, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    Hi Roel,
    Well my Dad’s family used to own and operate a pub on Kangaroo Island, so maybe that’s were that rumour started!

    In fact: 1. I have a relative who owns property close to J-shed. 2. This family member has a strong view on the Sunset proposal. 3. I have received gifts from this person of the sort that have to be recorded on the public gifts register.

    While I voted against the 21-year lease and for the sort-term lease when these came to council, point 2 was not yet apparent and point 3 had not yet occurred. As a consequence of these developments which I reported to senior staff, I was give clear advice to side with caution and not stay in the chamber.

  2. Suzanne said, on June 29, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    Have just completed a major conference from which I took momentary leave, last night, to attend Council.

    Not realizing, even though I was number 2 in the ‘Council have a chat list’ (and could go back to work) I would cop a travelogue with pics by Cr. Strahan.
    The Veal Schnitzel shot was the final straw for the ‘we are not amused’ gallery who give up time and energy to hear of events of major importance to Fremantle.

    Today at the end of my/our conference, I was able to prove my (late) alibi by presenting Freoview to the gathered throng. What hilarity to finish our course. Roel you so summed it all up.

    What I still dont comprehend however, in the mass exodus on the always contentious J Shed issue.
    Why did the Mayor originally vote for Sunset to have a 21 year lease at a peppeppercorn rent, when is said his girlfriend was allegedly working with the same group then, prior to moving in. Surely it would have been wiser to say of his association then.
    Anyway, thanks Council in putting a stop to Sunset playing you/us.

  3. Roel
    I am told French backpacker Bradouin Petit went on to make a mean long mac.
    But seriously,I declared an interest about 18 months ago in the J Shed as my partner Emma’s firm was doing some design work for Sunset and her moving in meant i automatically had a financial interest. They aren’t anymore but for consistency I’ve chosen to leave the room.
    cheers, Brad

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