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If the State Heritage Office has no objections the Fremantle Roundhouse will finally get electricity so that the volunteer guides can start applying for funding to Lottery West and elsewhere to install the new displays that have been designed by museum designers after community consultation.

This will finally also give us the change to properly recognise the Whadjuk Noongar people and correct incorrect information.

The displays have been looking tired and outdated for some years now and the Roundhouse needs to become even more attractive to international, interstate and local visitors and use modern technology.

Thanks to the hard work of the Roundhouse  committee, the lobbying of Freo’s View, and the personal commitment from Mayor Brad Pettitt the City has now found a way of funding the power into the oldest public building in WA from a maintenance budget.

We are keen to have more evening events in and around the Roundhouse to help activate Arthur Head after hours and already the High Tide Festival in October will be using the Roundhouse and the Irish Festival in January has also put feelers out to do some events in the Roundhouse.

All we need now is substantial financial support to implement the changes!

Roel Looper

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  1. freoview said, on June 20, 2017 at 11:05 am

    Local government is complex and the CoF does not have unlimited funds, so everything can’t be done at once.


  2. Cheryl said, on June 19, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    Where was the Mayor’s ‘personal commitment’ when, in March 2016, we applied to have the CoF install lighting and power into the Round House so that we could move forward with the Interpretative Plan?

    There was a distinct lack of ‘personal commitment’ to the work the Volunteer Heritage Guides have been doing since 2000 and none more so than in respect of the Interpretative Plan.

    Speaking personally, would it be cynical of me to suggest that this previously missing ‘personal commitment’ was linked to the upcoming Mayoral elections?

    The Interpretative Plan was commissioned to address the almost complete lack of indigenous history in the Round House and to use that opportunity to refresh and renew the displays in the Round House for the benefit of all. The only financial support the FVHGA had previously received was a Community Grant of $5000 in 2015 to offset the cost of obtaining the Interpretative Plan in the first instance. Most of the cost came from Lotterywest and the FVHGA contributing some of the voluntary gold coin donations from visitors.

    Our sincere thanks to Graham Tattersall, Director Infrastructure and Project Delivery, for taking up the cudgels on our behalf and enabling this project to move forward, albeit 15 months after the funding was first sought from the CoF.

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