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Here a few more snippets from Wednesday’s City of Fremantle Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee.

* Olwyn Williams, the CEO of the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce argued that the statistics published in the agenda were incorrect and that visitors’ numbers and overnight stays in Fremantle had declined, not improved.

She was also not impressed with the place marketing plan update, but when questioned by Elected Members did not say what the Chamber wanted the City of Fremantle to do differently, but that more effort should be made into destination marketing.

Williams argued that the Fremantle Story website did well locally but did not sell Fremantle to overseas and interstate visitors, and that stronger emphasis needed to be placed on marketing Fremantle outside of Fremantle.

* The CEO of the State Heritage Office addressed the FPOL Committee at length arguing that the people who bought the historic Warders Cottages in Henderson Street should get preferential treatment and free parking permits, but the Elected Members did not agree and unanimously voted to reject the request.

I agree with Councillor Sullivan that in the long term parking in the Henderson Street Mall should be abandoned, especially once the Spicer’s site carpark has been developed into a new commercial building.

It would also be substantial revenue loss for the CoF to give away free parking to residents of the 14 cottages. I remember my neighbours at Captain’s Lane at the Roundhouse had to pay close to $ 20,000 a year to have two parking bays on the carpark below Arthur Head.

* Councillor Rachel Pemberton was not a happy person last night, especially about the item of the City signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Portuguese Club, which would like to move to the St John’s site at Parry Street and become part of the Fremantle Park community hub.

Pemberton argued that it would be hypocritical off her fellow councillors if they voted with the item when they had voted against handing over the DAADA building on Beach Street to the Aboriginal community. Pemberton said the same process of a public and open Expressions of Interest period should apply in both cases.

While I can see where Pemberton comes from the process is different because the Portuguese Club exactly knows what they want, while the failure of the Walyalup Centre at Arthur Head has shown that the different Noongar families and elders still have a long way to go in agreeing what a new cultural and community centre for them should be.

* A new parklet in Pakenham Street at a new cafe on the corner of Bannister Street was approved, but Councillors agreed that parklets need to be monitored by staff as some of them are just a waste of space and not frequented enough.

I believe the new parklet will be a traffic hazard as it is already difficult to see traffic coming from the left in Pakenham Street when one drives from Bannister Street into the T-junction. It will be the fourth parklet in Pakenham Street and two more parking bays gone in the West End.

* Last but not least I want to compliment Councillor Andrew Sullivan on the way he chairs the FPOL Committee. While it makes the sittings a bit longer, and at times even a bit long-winded, Sullivan makes a real effort of explaining in detail to the public gallery how proper council process works.

That is very important because so many people in the community do not have an iota of an idea and make presumptions and accusations based on ignorance.

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