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Posted in art, city of fremantle, fremantle arts centre, Uncategorized by freoview on June 13, 2017


There are some interesting new exhibitions at the Fremantle Arts Centre, so don’t forget to visit!

My favourite one is by one of my favourite Freo artists Marcus Beilby. His photorealistic paintings are outstanding and alone worth the trip to the FAC for.

In the main gallery are four huge screens where Claire Robertson shows Far From Here, the remains of the abandoned mining camp her family lived at and the vast WA outback landscape.

Trevor Bly and Patrick Doherty are just One Street From Happiness with their urban art experimental prints.

Hex Nemesi is the first solo show in WA by Jess Johnson, where the gallery is transformed with wallpaper.

WARP left me wondering where the art is when an animated bikini-clad figure shoots herself in the head in different street locations. For me it was just distasteful.

Anyway, as I always say, art is a very personal experience, so what I like others might not and vice versa.

Roel Loopers

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