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I thought at the South Fremantle Precinct meeting at The Local last night how frustrating it sometimes must be to be a City of Fremantle officer and Councillor.

Three CoF officers were invited to talk about the process on the traffic calming of South Terrace and Councillor Andrew Sullivan also attended.

Questions were again raised that had already been addressed at previous community meetings and the process is about two third underway, but I don’t blame anyone for that, as it is often the case that those who attend the first meeting(s) don’t come again, while other do. It is great to see a crowd of around 60 people at a precinct meeting because community involvement is essential for the officers and elected members to make the right decisions.

Underground power is planned but who is going to pay for it. Normally it is around one third Western Power, one third City and one third paid by property owners, but the latter are very reluctant to hand over cash.

Five speed reduction platform nodes were suggested at Douro Road, South Street, Lefroy Road and Charles and Silver streets, but one resident suggested some should be put where there is already more activity such as near Abhi’s and Manna’s.

Widening footpaths to accommodate more street furniture, dedicated bicycle paths and trees all along are also on the cards.

There were concerns from residents of Marine Terrace that traffic calming along South Terrace would increase traffic in their street but as one officer said we can’t solve all problems at once and if there is a knock-on effect we have to deal with that if it happens.

Another resident pointed out that the two streets are very different with South Terrace having more cafes, restaurants, hotels and heritage buildings and hence traffic calming there made more sense than doing it along Marine Terrace.

Illegal parking makes it very difficult and dangerous for local residents to pull out of side streets onto South Terrace and parking officers should try to be more attentive to that problem.

From my own experience driving down South Terrace many times a week is that where there are activity notes motorists will slow down at Abhi’s, the Local Hotel, Lefroy Road and near the South Beach Hotel hospitality hub.

That is also happening in Wray Avenue were traffic slows down near Frank’s and Gallati’s because cars are pulling out, car doors are opened and pedestrians cross.

One of the basic facts of life is that one cannot please everyone and every change will have an impact on different areas, unless we all stop driving cars and hop on public transport or bikes.

Roel Loopers


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  1. freoview said, on May 25, 2017 at 11:36 am

    I was notified through Facebook of it, so it worked for me.


  2. Andrew Sullivan said, on May 25, 2017 at 11:12 am

    Obviously the community volunteers in the local precinct group do their best in trying to find a suitable night to have their meetings and to get the message out about them. Generally speaking they do a pretty good job as was evidenced by getting 60 people along to their meeting. They did put flyers in letterboxes throughout South Fremantle.

    PMF, I take the Lefroy Road concern up with the City of Fremantle.

  3. PMF said, on May 24, 2017 at 9:48 pm

    I also didn’t get notification of the meeting, but poor planning to have it the same night as the Heart of Beaconsfield workshop.
    I have a complaint regarding the traffic calming on Lefroy Rd – currently cars need to swerve into the bike lane at the Eastern and, in particular, at the Western end of the altered section. If the road is being widened and the bike lane shifted, that should have been done first, to avoid a potential tragedy.

  4. Andrew Sullivan said, on May 24, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    Thanks for coming down to South Terrace south of the border, Roel. It was a busy night given there was also a very important public workshop just over the hill in Beaconsfield. The South Terrace South Fremantle project is really many smaller projects that have been bundled up together with the aim of delivering an integrated design for South Freo’s “town centre”. Its really a series of loosely linked nodes of activities and the plan will be to make improvements to each of them in a staged but coordinated fashion.

    There are two parallel access roads that head north into Fremantle, namely South Terrace and Marine Terrace, and they now need to serve different but complimentary functions. There is a lot more commercial activity along South Terrace now and the vibrancy continues to grow, as does the level of public visitations to this precinct. We need to make the street environment safer and more attractive so that the pace of everything slows down and people naturally linger longer. That includes traffic calming, more trees, and ultimately some areas of ‘naked streets’ like exists in the city centre. All of this will ultimately lead to slower speeds and lower speed-limits. South Terrace South Fremantle will be a destination in its own right rather than just a road that funnels cars, buses and bikes into Fremantle. However, it will still have to carry a lot of traffic, as will Marine Terrace and Hampton Road.

    With the promise of some funding at the last election by local member, Simone McGurk, we may be able to start works at the intersection of South Terrace and Little Lefroy Road.

  5. freoishome said, on May 24, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    Wish I had known there was a meeting. I’m on an e-mail list and their facebook page but didn’t get any notification!

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