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I hear that the Carriage Cafe on the Fremantle Esplanade has been sold and that the new owners have an understanding with the City of Fremantle that they can stay there for several years, and don’t have to move or demolish the building to make way for the Esplanade masterplan development.

This is probably due to Freo City not being in the financial position to build the planned new hospitality venue near the ferris wheel that was to become a burger bar.

Roel Loopers

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  1. kel said, on May 9, 2017 at 3:19 pm

    Hi Brad,

    You comment “I am not aware of any offer for FORMAL lease extension”. Its the INFORMAL, behind the scenes discussions which could be of concern here.

    Is it sold?

    Will you please advise if the City has arranged new Head Lease Documents and the Carriage has been sold in the past few weeks and that you as the Mayor are aware of this.I am aware from past experience that you as Mayor are made aware of a City Lease/Sale proposals immediately and you are a signatory along with the CEO of all City of Fremantle Head Lease Documents.

    Final Carriage Cafe lease expires on the 29th April 2019. Only 23 months away.Has the Carriage Cafe has been sold with only this current short lease in place?

    I find this extraordinary considering that as per the Council Resolution of December 2015 immediate removal of the Carriage Cafe in just 23 months time is to be at the new owners cost as the CARRIAGE ,CANOPY and DECK are owned and maintained by the lease as per the head lease.The Fremantle City Council does not own these structures.Lease is for the land only.

    Cost to remove the Carriage Cafe Facility including all services and ground repair alone could be well in excess of $50,000 to the new owner. Plant and Equipment cost losses significant.

    Fremantle Council has passed a Resolution recently to spend $750,000 (expect $1,200,000) of Ratepayers money on a new BURGER BAR facility near the Sky wheel and lease it out to the Multinational Company Kalis.

    That new Facility is the City of Fremantles absurd choice to replace the family friendly Iconic Carriage Cafe which the public love and admire and which costs the City of Fremantle zilch to maintain,pays a decent rent for land only,pays rates and land taxes and services costs and pays staff wages,taxes,superannuation,workers compensation,public liability.


    Is the Ratepayers/Kalis Burger Bar now a redundant item on the Esplanade Rserve Master Plan?

    Has the Carriage Cafe been sold or currently in the process of being sold ?

    Would you now support a lease extension request to the Carriage Cafe before or after 2019, contrary to your past determined effort to get rid of it for years?


    I will say it again.

    The Carriage Cafe should stay in its current location and a new lease of 15 to 21 years afforded its new leasee whenever time permits as was requested by the community and its 13,000 signature petition and numerous submissions back in 2009/10. Its now time for the City of Fremantle to show the residents and ratepayers respect by admitting it was wrong and stop its vendetta against the Carriage Cafe Facility and stop its all out promotion of Event Promotors and their Food Trucks and POP UP support on OUR Fremantle Esplanade Reserve.


    Fremantle Councils feeble excuses to get rid of the Carriage Cafe in 2009/10:
    (105 year old Railway Carriage serving the Community for 38 years)

    Blocks the views through the Park- Bull-S–T
    Killing the Norfolk Pines- Bull S–T
    No Asthetic Value-Bull-S–T
    No Social Values-Bull-S–T
    No Cultural Values-Bull B–T
    No Historical Values-Bull-S–T
    No Heritage Values-Bull-S–T

    Removing the Carriage Cafe will kill the Norfolk Pines as the roots are intertwined and married to the Structure as advised to the City but rejected by them for years.

    Will this Fremantle Council follow on with the destruction of this Family Friendly Facility or do they have some other yet to be disclosed plans?

    Watch this space!

    Thank you

  2. Kel
    I am not aware of any offer for formal lease extension but if staff were to recommend this it would need to come through the formal public council meeting process and be able to be publicly commented on.
    cheers, Brad

  3. kel said, on May 6, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    Hi Roel,

    If this is the case then the City`s Officers must have made the decision without it going to Council.That would be a serious breach of Council Policy/rules I believe.

    The City Planning and its Officers and some Elected members spitefully fought us for 7 years to have it removed.Mayor Pettit and Councillors were instrumental in ensuring that we this Carriage Cafe would not get a lease extension after it expires on April of 2019 and adamant that would it be removed.

    The Esplanade Reserve Master Plan Review followed through with that threat in December 2015 by passing a Resolution in Council that the Carriage be removed.They had not allocated a new location for it even up until TODAY!


    So maybe the Mayor Brad Pettit and the CEO Phil StJohn could clear the air on this one and advise just what is going on here now and why they continued to cause us stress for all of those years?

    It does not pay to put your point of view to this Fremantle Council with a degree of passion as they just know they can just delay their choice decisions and wear your health down and do what ever they want in the end.

    Powerful Councils playing the man year in year out is unfair and stinks.

    So Mayor Pettit and CEO Phil StJohn,Will you please explain “on this blog post” if the Carriage Cafe is in the process of getting a new lease extension to a budding new owner and if so the details of how it came about.

    Selling off many of our assets cheaply and sending the City almost broke will not cut the cake here on this issue.Too much history here.

    Mayoral and 6 Councillor Elections in October i believe.

    Thank you

  4. Andrew Priest said, on May 6, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    If this turns out to be true, the staying their part that is, then that is great news. I like this quirky cafe and feel it is so “Fremantle.”

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