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We are a funny lot in Fremantle  and some people will only see the negative side of things, as these two examples show.

La Porchetta pizza restaurant in Collie Street has unfortunately closed and that inspired someone on the Freo Massive Facebook page to write that Fremantle might as well become a ghost town.

It is always disappointing when a business closes but there is an abundance of hospitality outlets in Fremantle and the new meatball and cocktail bar just opened around the corner, there is a new cafe on Cantonment Street, another one in Pakenham Street and a new restaurant in Douro Road, to name just a few of newly opened businesses. There is also a new florist in South Freo by the way!

Another gentleman on the same social media page claimed that Fremantle Council is anti-development. When I pointed out that we have not seen so much development in 30 years he questioned that because Council had rejected two development applications recently.

I only know of the inappropriate and ugly proposal for the Mills Record building and the out of scale building Notre Dame Uni wanted to put in Cliff Street that Fremantle Council rightly rejected, but just look around what is going on!

The stunning Heirloom apartments opened in December, opposite the massive LIV Defence Housing apartments are being built, The Hilton Hotel, Spotlight site, Kings Square Project, Fremantle Oval project, Quest Hotel, imminent plans to develop the Woolstores shopping centre site, etc.

Fremantle Council anti-development? I don’t think so!

The glass is well over half full in Fremantle and the long-term vision of Council is paying off with more developers feeling confident about investing in Freo, which will give a huge boost to our retailers and the hospitality industry in the not too far future.

Smile! Freo is on the right track.

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