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Posted in city of fremantle, economy, hospitality, retail by freoview on April 2, 2017

A report in the Sunday Times today shows that the accusations against Fremantle Council not looking after its retailers well enough and that parking problems keep shoppers away are hot air.

The new Perth Labor MP wants a City Summit because of the dire retail economy in the big smoke, which shows Fremantle’s retail problems are neither unique nor to blame on Council.

Of the 950 shops in the Perth CBD 150 are vacant at a 16 per cent vacancy rate. Along Barrack Street and St George’s Terrace a staggering one in five shops are empty, so it does not look well at all.

We know that retailers in Subiaco and elsewhere have also been struggling for years, so this problems is all over the Perth metropolitan area.

Yesterday the West Australian reported that many restaurants are closing in Perth as well and that shows that we need to do more for tourism, conventions, festivals, etc. and can no longer rely on the patchy mining industry that booms and busts often and lacks the stability our retailers and hospitality industry need.

It is unfair to lay blame for the economy on individual local councils as there is clearly a bigger picture at play well outside the power of local government.

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  1. freoview said, on April 3, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    Yes and the same applies to so-called social benefits when it is near impossible to survive on the old age pension, so a fast ageing population has no money to spent.


  2. Bob said, on April 3, 2017 at 8:22 am

    More retail and food/entertainment spending requires people to have more money to spend. There is a push to remove penalty rates for a good percentage of workers at the bottom end already, of the income ladder. Australia’s productivity and overall profitability has increased in recent years while wages have stagnated or risen less then historically. No matter what concepts, plans, initiatives are put in place they will make little difference really until people have money to spend. The push for ever reducing wages in Australia is across Europe too and in 15 years of travelling there I have never seen so many closed shops in formerly vibrant areas than I have seen in the past 2 years. The accountants and economists are running the world when commonsense says that if people don’t have money to spend then they cannot spend.

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