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Posted in bathers beach, culture, fremantle by freoview on March 27, 2017

There was such an air of negativity at the Sunset Events community information session about new plans for J Shed at Bathers Beach that I left before the questions started, as the interruptions were annoying.

I walked away asking how one can create trust between parties when there is so much negativity. Honesty helps to achieve that, so why did Sunset Events director David Chitty in his presentation omitted to mention plans for a brewery, as well as the tavern, restaurant and picnic area he mentioned?

That is so silly and tactically so unwise because now the people who are already against it will think SE have got more to hide and other controversial plans they don’t want to mention.

That was really disappointing because I quite like the concept of an affordable family restaurant, with function space(s), a cultural program and creative director to implement it and a nice picnic area on the grass in front of the artists’ studios.

A 400 patron venue is not huge but is a tavern appropriate for the A-Class reserve? Not according to the state’s DAP and SAT.

I liked that David Chitty admitted the trial period had shown that what they initially wanted did not work for them and the community, and that could have been the start of positively moving forward together but PLEASE cut the bullshit!

The restaurant is going to serve female friendly meals that are not too blokey? You must be kidding! Are sausages phallic symbols?

Australian BBQ, local fresh produce and seafood, yes please. Generous serves to assist obesity, no thank you!

Fostering a progressive cultural program is paramount to the project. I don’t think so as a pub environment is just not suited for it. Film nights are great, especially outdoors but the northern end of Bathers Beach is very bloody windy, as we found out when we ran the Bathers Beach Sunset Food Market there. Ask the Kelp Bar how they struggle with the Freo Doctor.

I want something special at that end of Bathers Beach but am not sure that bookend pubs are the go, but I do actually like the idea of something like COAST at Port Beach that could well work at BB and I believe David Chitty could pull that off with the right chef and leaving all the bullshit and brewery stuff behind.

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  1. freoview said, on March 28, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    Very disappointing that Sunset Events tried to be clever by hiding facts and some of the plans they have. It appears they have learned little from the Development Assessment Panel and State Administrative Tribunal rulings and they’ll probably get the same outcome.

    A good family restaurant with function space would be nice in that location but it is all about more, more, more.


  2. Chris said, on March 28, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    I think you have mistaken anger for negativity. Residents who genuinely love this City are angry and feel we
    are under attack on all sides by shoddy development and shady developers on our Historic buildings and
    Public open spaces/reserves. The presentation by S/E was pitiful, poorly presented, an insult to the intelligence
    of residents present. On the one hand it was hilarious to see their reaction at being found out trying to present
    the same concept of a m/brewery and pub come restaurant/ barbecue area covering a big area in a Disneyland
    guise, which made it even more unacceptable. Courageous Senior staff present shook their heads. Unbelievably this had already been presented/discussed with Councillors, no wonder one walked out, probably
    to avoid the flack. The original Council concept of a small cafe contained in the existing front building with a small deck overlooking the beach is the only acceptable development on that historic site, and when people
    accept that we don’t need more pubs and breweries in Freo especially on our beaches, the less angry residents
    and the safer our children will be. Our Cities reputation is already damaged by drugs and alcohol.

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