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Posted in fremantle, western australia, women by freoview on March 8, 2017


It is International Women’s Day today, so a good opportunity to celebrate all the great and strong women all over the world.

In Fremantle we are lucky to be represented in State Parliament by Simone McGurk and Lyn McLaren, and we have three female Councillors in Hannah Fitzhardinge, Ingrid Waltham and Rachel Pemberton.

W.A very first female Senator Dorothy Tangny is recognised in a mural at the Norfolk Hotel.

Notre Dame University is also lead by a female Vice Chancellor Celia Hammond and the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce CEO is Olwyn Williams.

There is an abundance of wonderful, strong women in Fremantle who are community leaders in their own right.

Equality remains a dream unfortunately when women still get paid less than men and the top positions in Australia are predominantly occupied by men. That needs to change!

I am not a fan of quotas though because I believe women can make it on their own merit. Quotas are a bit of tokenism to make political parties, or governments look good.

I do recognise however that it is difficult for women to climb the corporate and political ladders when the majority of decision-makers are men.

Today is a day for women to celebrate their achievements and for men to contemplate why women are still not treated the same in 2017 and why there is still so much domestic violence against women.

We need to do a whole lot better and that starts with one simple word. RESPECT!

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