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Posted in election, fremantle, notre dame university by freoview on February 10, 2017

I like politicians to have an informed opinion and make informed suggestions, so I am quite amused by Fremantle Liberal candidate Hayden Shenton’s suggestion in the Fremantle Herald today that BID businesses should offer discounts to Notre Dame University students.

Had the wannabee politician done his research by walking down High Street he would have noticed several cafes and food outlets, and even hairdressers already offer discounts to UNDA students.

I guess this is one of those anything will do to get media exposure thought bubbles by someone who has no public profile in Freo.

The election candidates forum is on Tuesday February 24, 6.30 pm at the Tannock Hall of UNDA, corner Cliff and Croke streets, so come and find out how many more ‘new ideas’ the candidates have for Freo.

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  1. Robert said, on February 11, 2017 at 11:49 am

    Did you say that you wont be voting liberal?! Personally I have no idea who to vote for As no one has a handle on Retail plight.
    As for your negative on offering discounts to ‘special ‘ groups . Notre-dame students in this case . Why not be like Woolworths with ever day lower prices (and no service) .
    That wont happen either until some party can get rents down . This city to have a renascence and truly embrace the heritage and DEMAND restoration, original style shop fronts and Beautification which is lip service only.. The same with the Residential areas.
    Your snide remark on Shenton’s suggestion. just because a few businesses have a notice up is uncalled for . I would never do that as I am not a discount store and that would notify all and sundry to ask for the same.
    However If the students/staff associations offered to support me I would favourably cooperate No body from there has ever asked.
    For years when there was paid membership at the Fremantle Arts Centre I offered a Discount . I don’t think it was ever used. Have a look around Fremantle It is Crap And what been shovelled into Fremantle is Modern Crap… That’s what needs addressing!

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