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Posted in fremantle, housing, lifestyle, living by freoview on January 30, 2017

Fremantle resident Leanne McKenzie is passionate about Freo and alternative living and sees a need for innovative new ideas to deal with the fact that Fremantle is becoming more expensive and becoming less accessible to those on lower incomes.

Leanne believes that people who want to live in and be part of Fremantle should have diverse housing options available. She says “Fremantle is what it is because of passionate community minded people, so if this type of person wants to live here they should have access.“

She has years of experience with construction and renovations, and personal experience as owner builder renovating her Fremantle workers cottage on a very tight budget, and exactly how she needed it, but paying tribute to its humble origins.

Leanne says she took the decision to help the many others who struggle to get started extending and renovating their homes, and she has assembled an excellent team of designers, real estate professionals and trades to help guide others in taking the step.

“It is better reducing our ecological footprint, solar, thermal efficiencies etc. and upcycling our homes if practicable, rather than bowling over and starting from scratch.”

When Leanne McKenzie was told that her 90 sqm 3 bedroom home was too small for energy efficient hydronics systems, she decided to design one herself.

I want to equip people with the information and processes so they can make informed designs about their renovations, incorporating new technology and not spend big dollars if they are not precisely sure what they want. We don’t need BIG to live happy, we need quality spaces that enhance our lives and connect us to our neighbourhoods.

She is working to design a very special tiny house. “Mobility, ecological footprint, advanced technology is all part of our future for how we will live, but (re)connecting to our natural world, our neighbourhoods and communities is more important. This is what Fremantle does so well, and this should be accessible to all of us. “

For more detail contact for more information on tiny house initiatives

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  1. Leanne said, on February 6, 2017 at 9:50 am

    Yes Robert, a western world wide phenomena called gentrification. Hopefully we can all work together to ensure heritage, culture, vibrant local economies and a rich and diverse community / residents can all co-exist in this fast changing world of ours.

  2. Robert said, on January 30, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    It in many ways is a strange dichotomy this push for ‘affordable small housing’ on Prime land Look around Fremantle majority of old houses were Small and affordable . And those of us around in the 70’s were buying them up and de-italinising them as thee were cheap and beautiful when RESTORED to ORIGINAL.
    Why were the cheap? answer Because No one wanted to live in funny old Fremantle.
    Since then the Johnny come lately’s Have bastardized them with (often) huge extensions !?
    Now that Fremantle is THE No 1 destination because of the likes of the Fremantle Soc, the current crop seem to think their entitled to have it all on the cheap.
    Frankly, more effort should be put into The restoration to original all buildings from shops to houses and public places. They are the heart and lungs to Fremantle. and only gets lip service and at best Fake attention as in Shop fronts … A disgrace! That is what the real Fremantle enthusiasts love and tourist expect and should be presented with. These are the people who spend in the Real shops and spend money on Quality merchandise..

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