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While the City of Fremantle has been contemplating how to activate historic Arthur’s Head, long time occupants are already doing it well and appropriately.

Yesterday we had a huge crowd at the Roundhouse for the Nyoongar smoking ceremony and for the last weeks we had sell-out performances inside the Roundhouse in the evenings for the Out of the Cave Fringe Festival show. See the photo above I took last night at 7.45 pm.

Great also that Glen Cowans opened his underwater photography gallery next to the Roundhouse early at 9 am yesterday during the smoking ceremony!

Down the road at J Shed the number 2, 3 and 4 galleries with Greg James, Janet Nixon, Jina Lee, Lesley Barret, Jenny Dawson, Peter Zuvela, Ross Potter and Ellen McCarthy are all involved in activation. Sculptures are on the reserve, exhibitions are organised, there are programs for school children during the holidays and a real engagement with the community.

Interesting that one Freo Councillor said to me yesterday that when the Roundhouse puts new displays up we need to acknowledge the Nyoongar people, and that is already planned. But we are waiting for the City to put power into the Roundhouse so we can start applying for grants and it would also be a very good idea for the City to allocate a substantial amount of money for that to support the volunteer organisation. We are looking after over 130,000 visitors a year, seven days a week and only close on Good Friday and Christmas Day, so we are a significant tourist destination.

At the smoking ceremony four of the elderly Roundhouse guides came in very early to support the event. Pretty bloody good I reckon, and two of them were on duty every night for the theatre performance!

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  1. Suzanne said, on January 30, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    What a nong!!
    But expected from some Fremantle Councillors.
    Very hurtful Cheryl, for you and your volunteer colleagues, who give so much.
    How arrogant of the councillor dill with such an uneducated comment.
    They just dont get it, despite the huge numbers of visitors who attend the Round House to enjoy the knowledge imparted by you Vollies, about one of the States most important areas. You all should be feted.


  2. Cheryl said, on January 29, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    ‘Interesting that one Freo Councillor said to me yesterday that when the Roundhouse puts new displays up we need to acknowledge the Nyoongar people’. What a pity that ‘that Freo Councillor’ had not taken the time to familiarise themselves with the Interpretative Plan the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides worked so hard to get funding for and to develop. It seems that very few of the Councillors have any idea of the work that the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides do on a completely voluntary basis 363 days of the year with absolutely no financial support from the City other than the $5000 previously contributed towards the Interpretative Plan as a result of a Community Grant application made by the Guides.


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