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Posted in australia day, bathers beach, fremantle by freoview on January 27, 2017

The claim in the Fremantle Herald today by Fishing Boat Harbour traders that Australia Day was a big hit for Fremantle businesses is a very one-sided view of the reality. It’s more like a Donald Trump alternative facts statement.

The fish&chips traders in the FBH might have done very well when thousands of people came to Fremantle in the early evening to watch the fireworks, but during the day there was hardly anyone in the city centre because it was simply too hot, so many businesses did very little trade at all. We had only 114 visitors at the Roundhouse compared to over 1,400 two weeks ago.

No one is to blame for that and it is a shame the Freo Fiesta efforts were hampered by the hottest Australia Day in 79 years, but let’s not try to make a very average day look like it was an outstanding success because the Fishing Boat Harbour people organised it.

Also funny to read that the FBH traders have approached State Government to get $ 500,000 to install a shark net at Fremantle’s most underused beach where one rarely sees more than a handful of people in the ocean. No wonder the City of Fremantle is not keen about the idea, that I believe would be a waste of money.

But having said all that, I believe the City of Fremantle needs to become serious about the activation of Arthur’s Head and what better way to do that than activating the gorgeous inner city beach. More significant signs to promote the beach would also help.

Bathers Beach needs public toilets, showers at the northern end near J Shed and the extension of the boardwalk all the way to J Shed. Creating better connectivity between the Victoria Quay and the Fishing Boat Harbour and linking the Maritime Museum, Roundhouse and Shipwreck Museum would be very helpful.

The Whalers Tunnel also needs to remain open longer in the evenings so there is direct access from High Street for people to watch the sunset and the lit up cliff face there.

There are a lot better ways of spending half a million dollars on Bathers Beach than a shark net.

The FREO FIESTA is on today and all weekend, so check it out! More info on

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