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Posted in city of fremantle, development, kings square, planning by freoview on January 25, 2017

Ordinary Council of the City of Fremantle will this evening debate the design of the Kings Square project buildings and if it should recommend approval to the State’s Joint Development Assessment Panel, which is the decision-making authority for the development.

Most important for me here are the comments by the City’s Design Advisory Committee, and they have several issues with some details of the proposal.

While the DAC says they are overall in support of the proposal and opportunities this brings to the retail core of the city centre, they believe that improvements can and should be made, so I suggest Council defers the matter until the architects have made the changes the DAC has suggested.

The DAC clearly states that the design is at a stage where the committee cannot recommend support or not for the proposal and they need to get more refined and detailed plans before making a recommendation.

I support the Kings Square project but it is such a huge and significant development for Fremantle that we need to get this right and every detail is fine-tuned before Council should recommend approval.

The height is within Planning Scheme Amendment 49, so not much use arguing about that now, but for the developers to show a night shot with lots of people on the roof is bad and unnecessary spin, since this is an office building that will not be occupied after office hours, but for maybe a couple of office parties each year.

Let’s stick with the facts, and that for me this is the most essential development project for Fremantle in its aim for economic recovery. Let’s do it well and make it a new attractive feature for our city!

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  1. freoview said, on January 25, 2017 at 11:45 am

    Since the City of Fremantle is a partner in the project it would be inappropriate for them to be the decision-making authority.

    I agree the buildings are not outstanding but they don’t offend me as some other proposals do. We really need to have a community and expert discussion on what good modern design for Fremantle should be, because run off the mill architecture is not what Fremantle wants.


  2. Steve said, on January 25, 2017 at 11:34 am

    “Ordinary” succinctly describes this building. It has sat on the shelf / cutting board for 2 years with very little support from the community, and then once they have a tenant lined up they decide to go to the DAP?

    It’s not that this building is bad (like the majority of new building in freo), it’s just that it’s completely uninspiring and not very good. It’s an average 2010’s (or 2020’s by the time it’s built) rework of an average 80’s office building. It will have the same net impact on freo as the blob that’s there now. Sinking the library is even more depressing.

    If they are going for the ‘not even going to try and see if it works’ approach they might as well just copy a good design of a building somewhere else (or an existing freo style one) and go with that. This building could be anywhere in the world, but would look most at home in a sprawling suburban office complex in Cincinnati Ohio.

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