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It was about three years ago I think that I addressed Fremantle Council on behalf of the Fremantle Society and objected to the proposed additional height for the Quest hotel development on the corner of Pakenham and Short streets.

When the agenda item was debated the then Director of Planning Phil StJohn specifically addressed the issues I had raised and convinced me that by granting discretionary extra height the interior heritage identity of the building would be best preserved.

Having had a look inside the just opened serviced apartment hotel I now believe I got sucked in with empty promises, as there is little evidence of heritage preservation inside the building.

The foyer is modern and bland and has no reference to heritage that I could see, while the courtyard has a few of the old metal pillars reinstated, after the building was gutted for the development, but it shows nothing of the former warehouse character.

The huge glass entrance door and the oversized Quest sign in Pakenham Street are also disrespectful of the heritage building.

The ‘Manning’s Folly’ blue artwork on the facade is out of character and the wrong colour for the building. The concept behind the work is irrelevant when it does not compliment the rest of the building.

Is this the best we can do when we talk about heritage preservation, and what again what the reason for the additional-and inappropriate!-height allowance?

Roel Loopers

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  1. Suzanne said, on December 20, 2016 at 7:02 am

    So correct Roel and Notre Dame is about to build another giant monstrosity corner of Cliff and High.

    How is it that the Head Office of MSC can maintain the beauty and heritage of The Wilhelmsen Building, corner Cliff/Philimore, and yet still create a modern workplace. It is a perfect example of what can and should be done.
    Hello Freo Council (heritage) caretakers.
    Do something.

    Obviously the Notre Dame and the Quest architects are not as talented, innovative or as clever as the MSC Architects but why should Fremantle heritage integrity suffer.

  2. Robert said, on December 19, 2016 at 11:55 pm

    You are 100% on this one. Its heritage value is “O”.
    Manning’s folly now Pettitt’s Folly now.

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