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Posted in architecture, development, fremantle by freoview on November 9, 2016


The two major developments in the Fremantle West End in Pakenham Street finally took off their protective clothes and showed themselves in full today.

The residential building on the corner of Bannister and Pakenham will never be an iconic building and it is not at all outstanding, but the open wide balconies at least don’t make it a suffocating development like the building next to it that looks like a carpark.

As I said to the architect who happened to be there, I would have preferred the industrial looking iron balcony fencing to be in the same red brick instead and frame them better. It is details like that which make a big difference.

I don’t see the height of the building as an issue as the heritage Fowler building opposite  it is even higher and there are other tall buildings along that street as my photo shows.

The Quest Hotel building down the road is almost near completion. I don’t mind the overall look, but dislike the blue artwork and I believe the building is three metres too high for that location.

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