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Posted in architecture, building, city of fremantle, development by freoview on October 26, 2016



I had another look at the five-storey proposal for 18-22 Adelaide Street at Fremantle’s Kings Square at yesterday’s information session and walked out appalled at the laziness of the architects who have not even tried to show respect for the surrounding heritage.

They propose set-back square boxes above the old two-storey facade, when a tiny design change could have created more suitable vertical lines and make it into a building that shows at least a little bit of sympathy and reference to Fremantle’s character and heritage.

Five storeys is of course far too high as the building should not be higher than the facade of the beautiful heritage building to the west of it.


I also had a walk around the almost completed controversial Atwell Arcade development and believe it blends in sufficiently as it has a softness about it and angles away from the High Street mall.

Fremantle is in a challenging time where a lot of development is happening and more applications for very substantial and high buildings are in the pipeline, so we need to find a compromise on what is acceptable for our city and viable for developers, but ugly, boring and mediocre is not on, and neither is inappropriate height in certain locations. If developers need more height they will have to move to the east of the CBD, not in the centre, and definitely not in the West End either.


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