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Posted in city of fremantle, community, local government, politics, western australia by freoview on September 10, 2016

There is a minor change on Freo’s View as off now. From today on I will no longer post comments on this blog as the relentless negativity of a handful of people is not acceptable to me.

I asked and pleaded for more balance, fairness and positivity, but the constant political attacks on Fremantle Council and the administration keep continuing. People tell me I am delusional when I tell them the facts they simply do not want to believe, although hardly any of them ever attends council meetings.

The broad disrespectful swipes at anything this Fremantle Council does are not acceptable and I do not want Freo’s View to become the outlet for the often childish attacks and the name-calling. Many comments are offensive and borderline defamatory full of nasty negativity. People in need of that are well catered for on social media, but this blog will no longer be an outlet for rumours, innuendo and unfounded accusations and personal attacks.

I have considered being selective of which comments to publish or editing comments but I am not prepared to waste my time on that, so no one can from now on comment on Freo’s View.

I gave everyone a fair go because I wanted to encourage respectful community dialogue, but too many of you just want to spew bile and that is not my style of debate. I have had enough, as the negativity is relentless and often ill-informed, and it has started affecting me personally

Freo’s View will remain the same informative and diverse blog as it has been for seven years, and I will continue to scrutinse the Fremantle Council and administration without fear or favour. My strong principles of fairness and balance will remain, so I will write about the good, bad and ugly of our city.

I am deeply disappointed and very sad I had to make this decision but the negative and aggressive tone of most comments on this blog by the same one-eyed people is not something I can tolerate any longer.

Please keep me in the loop about new events, businesses, anything Freo really, so I can keep this blog interesting for all. Send me info at


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