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52 Adelaide Street


Another much-needed development in Fremantle’s east CBD is closer to getting approval with the Planning Committee of the City of Fremantle on Wednesday recommending approval for the eight-storey residential/mix-use building on the former Spotlight site next to Target and the Westgate mall at Queen Adelaide Street.

Many Freo people refer to that part of town as Little Beirut because it is run down and attracts anti-social behaviour in the area and people are reluctant to wait at the bus stops there. Just a few hundred meters east of it the Hilton Doubletree Hotel development should also be starting in early 2017.

I have commented on the unattractive design of the building here on Freo’s View before but strongly believe that development will improve and activate the east CBD and that is absolutely necessary.

The building is opposite the ugly Johnson Court, that recently received a new coat of paint and looks a tiny bit better.

I agree with Mayor Brad Pettitt’s sentiment that almost anything is an improvementĀ for the area, but don’t agree with him that this is a good development. Fremantle Council and the State’s DAP need to push for more quality architecture and outstanding design and not accept mediocrity, as that is slowly becoming the norm for new development in our beautiful city.

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  1. David. said, on September 10, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    While I agree that the development is not outstanding, I do not know if the image projected is very complimentary. If you go to the Yolk homepage and hit the development tab, the image looks good but not outstanding. If the final outcome resembles the image on their homepage, it will certainly be acceptable.

    It is true to say that this section of Fremantle is depressing and an influx of people and capital will improve things greatly.

    I would be interested in reading what people think after looking at the Yolk website.

  2. Paula Amaral said, on September 9, 2016 at 12:56 pm

    The proposed new building is as ugly as Johnson’s Court. It is definitely not a visual improvement.

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