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I don’t know if the director responsible for the Fremantle Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre does not know what she is talking about or if she deliberately mislead Council and the community when she answered a question from a Councillor at the last Ordinary Council meeting about the changing opening hours of the centre at Arthur Head.

She claimed the opening times were only adjusted to reflect the seasonal program of the centre and that it would open 4-5 hours less a week, but that is not true. The centre used to be open Monday-Saturday 10 am to 2 pm, so 24 hours a week compared to just seven hours this week!

This sign on the door clearly shows the WACC is now only open for a mere 7 hours this week and less than nine hours next week, and not open at all on Fridays, Mondays or Sundays. It was not open today either.

The WACC is part of the Bathers Beach Art Precinct where artists are required to be open a minimum of 20 hours a week to help activate the area, but the WACC, that costs Fremantle ratepayer more than $ 160,000 a year, is open to the public for less than half of that time. If my maths are correct that means WACC is now only open a maximum of 416 hours a year at a cost of $ 385.00 per hour while offering no tourist service.

The WACC was closed all day today while the Roundhouse had a steady stream of visitors, including school groups, so no Aboriginal experience for those visitors today and none tomorrow either.

It is quite clear that the WACC in its present format is a failure and the COF should not put the ball in someone else’s court and hope an Aboriginal organisation will come up with a better concept. The City made the decision to put the WACC in the inappropriate small Pilot’s Cottage and now has to admit they were wrong and that the location does not work.

It is time to move on some of the highly paid administrators at COF who have no creative bone in their body, and get some new blood into the system and brilliant creative new ideas for the Bathers Beach Art Precinct. The same, same old boring s..t just does not work, and putting spin over it and telling Council and the public porkies is not on!

Roel Loopers

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  1. Andrew.L said, on September 1, 2016 at 8:31 pm

    Spot on Roel.
    Not a great outcome at all, for the community, Ratepayers, Tourism, or the indigenous exposure/education experience. So much focus around diversity and fireworks as something as fundamental and important as this is being left to die on the vine.

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