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I am getting a bit annoyed with the rubbish published in editorials and opinion pieces by people who appear not to know what they are talking about, so let me make it clear to everyone that the City of Fremantle has not cancelled the Australia Day celebrations in the port city, dear West Australian, Sunday Times, Aboriginal politicians and all others who so strongly oppose the decision by Fremantle Council!

Fremantle Council has decided to celebrate Australia Day no longer with fireworks, but instead do it for three days over the long weekend with different family events and a larger Noongar participation.

This will not only show more respect for our indigenous people, but it will also give us more value for money with events, music, etc. over three days instead of shooting  $ 150,000 fireworks in the sky for 20 minutes.

Three days of events will greatly support our local  Fremantle traders, as most shops are closed when the fireworks are on and many cafes as well.

Roel Loopers


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  1. Andrew Priest (Aushiker) said, on August 29, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    Well said Roel.

  2. freoview said, on August 29, 2016 at 10:55 am

    Of course England invaded Australia. They were not invited to come and live here, they massacred indigenous people who stood up to them, raped women, took children awy from their parents and prohibited them to speak their own language and live their own culture.
    I know there are plenty of people who say that the indigenous people were just primitives with no structure, as I am sure my Dutch ancestors argued when they invaded South Africa, but when I come to your country, ignore your rules, laws and culture, and make myself the dominant force through force, that is invasion.


  3. Jon said, on August 29, 2016 at 10:02 am

    The Emperor of the Freo CBD, a place where a Australia stops and his Kingdom/Empire begins.

  4. Lionel said, on August 28, 2016 at 10:50 pm

    Brad will just declare Monday a public holiday. Simple.

  5. Jon said, on August 28, 2016 at 10:37 pm

    Roel in a blog a little earlier WHO AND WHAT IS RIGHT OR WRONG?
    You stated “If one is not critical of one’s own thoughts and actions one should not criticize others. Through photography I have learned that ego is not a great help when editing photos and that one has to be ruthless when looking at one’s own work, after all if it is not 100% it is not good enough.”

    Do you really think that you have applied this standard here?

    I did a quick google of the first fleet and this is what wiki had to say, see below
    Are you really asking a logical person to believe a country the size of England with the fleets it had at its disposal invaded a place the size of Australia and the distance away with this rag tag fleet,
    The entire inventory of personal, has only 18% of stated persons as marines which were the armed style troops, having 55% of all persons as convicts of which needed guarding, I’m not sure how they intended to invade a country. They were probably lucky to even survive; I’m sure if dropped off, most of the invasion conspiracy group back then they would not last a month.

    The whole scenario is just ludicrous.
    It lacks any logical thought process.
    As I understand the whole concept of the so-called invasion only started a few years back and is really just a political driven motive , causing more division in Australia than already exists.

    The whole scenario is just laughable. People just can’t remake history to suit themselves
    Here is the wiki link it’s rather impartial, read and try and makes sense of the latest/new version of history rewritten and apply logic to it. Does it add up with the facts?
    Could any reasonable person conclude after reading the facts surrounding the 1st fleet that they were an invasion force.
    The man power and assets applied to this expedition tells history as it has for centuries it was a at best a poorly organised penal colony.
    It seems strange as over 1/2 the original fleets personal were convicts whom were sent to Australia by no choice of their own, are held accountable for what the English government did or to be held as invaders.
    Unarmed invaders in Chains???

    “People of the First Fleet
    See also: Convicts on the First Fleet and Journals of the First Fleet
    The majority of the people on the First Fleet were British, but there were also African, American and French convicts on board.[15][16] The group included seamen, marines and their families, government officials, and a large number of convicts, including women and children. The convicts had committed a variety of crimes, including theft, perjury, fraud, assault and robbery. The sentences the convicts received were transportation for 7 years, 14 years or for the term of their natural life.[17][18]

    The six convict transports each had a detachment of marines on board. Most of the families of the marines traveled aboard the Prince of Wales. A number of people on the First Fleet kept diaries and journals of their experiences, including the surgeons. There are twelve known journals in existence as well as some letters.[20]

    The exact number of people directly associated with the First Fleet will likely never be established, as all accounts of the event vary slightly. A total of 1,420 people have been identified as embarking on the First Fleet in 1787, and 1,373 are believed to have landed at Sydney Cove in January 1788. In her biographical dictionary of the First Fleet, Mollie Gillen gives the following statistics:[21]

    Embarked at Portsmouth Landed at Sydney Cove
    Officials and passengers 15 14
    Ships’ crews 323 269
    Marines 247 245
    Marines’ wives and children 46 45 + 9 born
    Convicts (men) 582 543
    Convicts (women) 193 189
    Convicts’ children 14 11 + 11 born
    Total 1,420 1,336”

  6. abetterbeacy said, on August 28, 2016 at 8:23 pm

    So was I and the decision was clear that the money would be used to create an event on a different date. You seem to be good at missing the point as my comparison with ANZAC day was to do with the fact that we celebrate these 2 events of the actual date so the day changes year to year and as such the 26 th may not be conducive with a long week end as in 2017.

  7. Lionel said, on August 28, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    That isn’t what we celebrate. We celebrate the great nation of Australia.

  8. Mary Callan said, on August 28, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    How can they have a long weekend of celebrations
    if the 26th is on a Tuesday?
    Just doesn’t make sense to me

  9. freoview said, on August 28, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    Governments, local, state, fedral make decisions, some will agree with and others will not, that is just a basic fact of life.

    Yes no doubt a lot of people liked the fireworks as thousands came to see it, but many stayed away as well. No one knows what events are going to be organised for the AD long weekend next year and it will be interesting to see how many thousands of people will flock to Fremantle.

    I am sure the Fishing Boat Harbour takeaways you do PR for did very well out of the fireworks, Darren and don’t like to see it go, but Fremantle, and Australia Day, are much bigger than just the FBH traders.

    A three day long weekend full of events will attract a lot of families to Fremantle, we are just celebrating AD differently from other cities. Freo has always been different, so why all the aggro?


  10. freoview said, on August 28, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    I did not miss the point. I was actually at the Council meeting and heard every word spoken there.

    Australia Day is not at all anything like ANZAC Day. At ANZAC Day we remember those who died in wars, at Australia Day we celebrate the invasion of Australia and the arrival of the so-callled First Fleet.


  11. abetterbeacy said, on August 28, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    And if Australia Day falls on a mid week day like next year when it is on a Thursday. It is like ANZAC day and is celebrated on the day so it may not necessary be on a weekend. And I think you have missed the point. As one councillor said there could not be a worse day to celebrate Australia Day than on the 26th January and their proposal is to have a celebration on another date.

  12. Darren said, on August 28, 2016 at 11:52 am

    You are correct that mis-reporting and mis-information is rife with this topic.

    For a start the council did not spend $150k on fireworks. The day had a $145k budget, which included $25k contributed by Cockburn.

    This will have covered costs for all sorts of things like the activities on the Esplanade, signage, road closures and yes also the cost of Fireworks.

    I do not know for sure but i believe $50k was for fireworks, so you take the $25k off this and CoF was contributing $25k to actual Fireworks.

    This event made a lot of people happy and was a great family day. Which I think was one of the stated purposes of the $145k painted containers wasn’t it, to make people happy.

    There is still $80k approved to spend on the “event” which will now not even be celebrated on Australia Day.

    With a constant refetence to ‘significant community feedback’ i would love to see this feedback published. Maybe as you often comment on this blog, those silent majority who are always being considered important, maybe the council were tuned in to them but they spoke this time!

    It is OK to have some people who don’t like the event, you cant please all people all the time, that is not a reason to cancel it, particularly when this is a nationally celebrated event.

    I am sure there are some people opposed to every event in Fremantle. For example why is so much money spent on the street arts festival at Easter, when the city will be full to overflowing anyway.

    Maybe we are now in the republic of Fremantle who are imposing thier own will on the people. Maybe the celebrations should be called Fremantle Day.

  13. martin said, on August 28, 2016 at 11:12 am


    I think the logic may be summarised along the following lines:

    Australia Day = Invasion Day
    Australia Day Fireworks = Invasion Day Fireworks

    Australia Day Fireworks does not equal Invasion Fireworks

    The sensitivity relates to the celebration of Australia Day, and the fireworks are a potent symbol of that celebration. Cancelling the fireworks cancels a major (if not the biggest) symbol of the celebration of Australia Day in Fremantle.

    If Fremantle Council then proceeds to celebrate the Australia Day long weekend by other means, it leaves itself exposed to being called a hypocrite for cancelling the “Invasion Day Fireworks”, yet still celebrating “Invasion Day”.

    This is the logic that everybody else seems to understand. This hypocrisy has not been lost on those people that you are “a bit annoyed” about.

    I was handing out pamphlets to help out Beaconsfield Ward by-election local candidate Andrew Luobikis yesterday, and it is fair to say that “hypocrite” would have been the most polite thing I heard people say about Council cancelling the fireworks (and on many, many other issues too).

    I think Freo Council have severely misjudged this one.

  14. Jon said, on August 28, 2016 at 10:39 am

    My Friends in Freo take the kids to celebrate the night normally out on a beach or a park, each year they do something different.
    A nice family day out and the kids love it.
    Big picnic and or BBQ, fireworks and the kids outdoors having a great time, not a dig deal once a year even if it is only for 20 mins. Community together and for 20 mins, no video games, just kids playing outside in awe of the bright flashes in the sky having fun, enter the city’s fun police not any more.
    Australia Day is a day not a long weekend.
    I guess the fireworks were one thing councils did for the greater community and the point is you didn’t need to go down to the CBD, with all of its issues, to watch or participate. Clearly this council is CBD fixated.

    This has flashed world wide as all countries have pride in their national days, so no surprise in the reaction from around the world, no surprise in their shock at a local council (freo) running down its communities celebration of it.
    Changing fireworks to the CBD event, limits inclusion, and as we clearly see is driving more division. Not to mention changes nothing about the meaning of Australia Day, it sounds its more about the Major getting his name in the paper, don’t think it worked out how he intended.

    Its no big deal such like when any business makes a bad decision, its customer just no somewhere else, to a business that caters and respects their needs.

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