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Architect Nic Brunsdon, the owner of Spacemarket and inventor of the Fremantle Kings Square Many 6160 retail incubator concept sent me the interesting research report Many 6169 Social and Economic Evaluation by Hannah Sutton.

The report is too extensive to publish in full but I will add it as a pdf to this blog post. Below some highlights from the report:

MANY6160 is a temporary space activation project that invited creative individuals and entrepreneurs to inhabit the vacant space. The results have demonstrated that this not only re-established active streetscapes but also provided many social and economic benefits to the tenants, and the community.

The makeover was spearheaded by Spacemarket and supported by the City of Fremantle and the building owner, Sirona Capital. MANY6160 is a large, previously unused and underutilised reactivated space for enterprise to gather, collaborate, and produce. “A place of curated, supportive, complimentary and quality operators working together towards the common goal of an active and vibrant Fremantle” –MANY 6160.

At 20,000m2 it has now become, to the best of the project team’s knowledge, “the worlds largest interior space activation”.

The community benefits of MANY6160 include:

  • Creation of Jobs
  • Improved “Brand Freo.”
  • Improved security in the area, activating streetscapes
  • Improved business and community confidence in the local area
  • Contribution to the local economy The tenant benefits of MANY6160 include:
  • Affordability of space
  • Customer sharing and more exposure
  • Business growth and skills development
  • Networking and collaborative opportunities
  • Allowance for experimentation
  • Graduated” businesses

From the initial joint funding of $45,000 from the City of Fremantle and Spacemarket more than 100 new businesses have operated from MANY6160 in Fremantle, over 20 businesses that became established enough to seek their own tenancy elsewhere, over 500 part time and full time jobs and thousands of dollars generated into the local economy due to weekly employee expenditure at local businesses.

MANY6160 is a case in point for the retention of urban ghosts, for passive energy management, and for new, collaborative forms of retail and urban habitation.”


The report also states that Many 6160 has 580 daily average visits and 695 daily average walkbys and that Many 6160 has produced 500+ people employed, 100+ business start-ups, 20+ graduates, 25 artists, 80+ retail stores, 95 workshop events, 70 events hosted, 1 wedding party, 2 motorbike shows, 12 murals painted, 5 music videos filmed, 70% of 20,000 sqm space used, 5 art galleries, 2 pop-up bars, and 100,000 happy customers.

The likelihood of the Kings Square Project now going ahead has improved a lot since Sirona Capital was announced as the preferred tenderer for a government department move to Fremantle, so that would mean the end of Many 6160 at Kings Square. The question is if Spacemarket and the City of Fremantle will want Many to continue and if a suitable space can be found to continue the innovative project.



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