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Posted in fremantle, politics by freoview on April 13, 2016


The election campaign launch by the Greens for candidate Kate Davis for the federal seat of Fremantle at Kidogo Arthouse on Bathers Beach this evening was quite impressive, and I am not a traditional Greens voter.

After a plea for support for indigenous people by Noongar elder Rod Collar, the Greens national leader Richard di Natale spoke with sincerity and passion. He is an excellent speaker.

Richard spoke about the fact that a wealthy nation like Australia has 100,ooo homeless people and that some 7,000 will be sleeping rough tonight. One in four of them is under the age of 18. I agree with him that is not acceptable.

Di Natale also mentioned what a disappointment Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has become who does not stand up for his own values but has continued with the old Abbott policies of climate change denial, etc.

He questioned how Australia can cut foreign aid when it has proven to be the most cost effective investment we can make.

The Federal Greens leader said that Freo candidate Kate Davis is well-known for her deep commitment to green values and that his impression after spending the last three days in Fremantle is that there is a real chance the seat could be won by the Greens.

It was rather irrelevant I thought that he mentioned he had met the Labor candidate yesterday and that his impression of him was underwhelming. I don’t think anyone would have expected Richard di Natale to endorse the opposition Labor candidate, so his opinion off him is meaningless. He was nicely complimentary about MP Melissa Parke though.

I really liked the passion, sincerity and lack of spin by candidate Kate Davis who will have a real battle on her hands to snatch the seat from Labor. She was clearly touched by Aboriginal and refugees issues and told us that the other evening at a Night Hoops event from 50 Aboriginal kids there were only three who did not have a relative in prison.

Kate said we need to work better with our regional neighbours to find solutions for the refugee crisis and that we need to “Close the hell hole detention centres!”

Davis also said we need to increase funding for affordable housing and that the waiting list for a family home in Fremantle is eight years. It is time to transition to a new economy, she told the Kidogo crowd.

She said the height of what is wrong with our present economic system is that we even contemplate putting a six lane highway Perth Freight Link through the pristine Beeliar Wetlands. “We should support renewable energy projects rather than the polluting ones.”

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  1. Jayne said, on April 14, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    Oh dear. Someone stuffed up the signage and is going to be in trouble. It’s supposed to read:

    Standing up for what?


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