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Posted in cappuccino strip, city of fremantle by freoview on April 7, 2016

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I know the part closure of the Fremantle Cappuccino Strip on Sundays is only a trial but I’d like to give my five cents worth already.

I don’t understand when there are road closures with huge signs that there is still a need for traffic control people in high visibility all weather gear to be standing around all day doing nothing, as the traffic control is done by signage and does not require human intervention during the period of the closure.

There were at least four such people last Sunday from around 9 am till 10 pm, so that is a cost the City of Fremantle does not have to have. That also applies to other events and festivals where the yellow and orange people are just engaging in people watching and take no active part in traffic control once they have put the signs in place. This is not an attack on the traffic controllers but I am asking why are they there all day when they are not needed?

Unfair trading is also something Council needs to consider as those cafes, bars, restaurants who are operating outside the closed part of the Cap Strip are disadvantaged as they can not have more tables and seats outside, while those within the area can double their alfresco areas. That is not fair and affects profits. There is a herd mentality in humans, so most people will want to be where the crowd is and that is within the closed off part of the street.

I cannot see a reason why the road could not be closed from Essex Street to High Street, as traffic from the South to the Colllie Street carpark can be diverted into Essex, right into the laneway behind the Mexican Kitchen and then left into Collie for parking or to continue to the Esplanade or right into Pakenham through to the west end and Philimore Street.

Traffic should be diverted at the High Street intersection, not at Bannister Street. There is no benefit in allowing cars to drive down Market, turn right into Bannister, then right into Pakenham and then left into High Street, so one might as well put market stalls and/or buskers in Market Street between High and Bannister.

I was at last week’s event  from 10.30 till 12.30 and there were no buskers during that time. I was told one did not turn up at 10 am. There needs to be more and constant entertainment and the facepaint fairy tent should be brought to the corner of Market and the Cappuccino Strip, so that families can easier find it.

I like the idea of a permanent closure of the Strip on Sundays, especially during the warmer months, but it needs to be fine tuned a bit. We also need to find out if those who now extend their alfresco areas without paying for it would be happy to pay for the additional space.

Roel Loopers

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  1. freoishome said, on April 10, 2016 at 8:52 am

    Thanks Kel.
    I’m no expert in this aspect of the benefits of parking and its link to retail success. But the research suggests that the type of retail that benefits from ‘grazers’, is very much better with pedestrian traffic walking past their entrance and displays. This retail type seems important to the future of Fremantle.
    My own experience, but I am male, is when I am shopping for something explicit, then just getting directly to it is great, so local parking for my car or bike is very handy. But, I’m not likely to browse, window shop, graze. If I am after large things like furniture, white goods, etc, then having a car pick up point is critical. I’m not someone who frequents a cafe that I either need to drive or ride too, but being an ex pom, parking and having to walk is a norm I have years of practice with.
    From looking at maps, I was a cartographer, shopping at the larger centres like Galleria, Garden City, the area they cover isn’t that different from the Freo entertainment precinct, and one can only park on the periphery of these places, so a long walk is normal, yet many here who talk about Freo having a parking issue, can’t have done the same comparison, and then said these places are much better, Cockburn centre, is massive. How shoppers, more women that men, can think that is enjoyable grazing around the same old shops, that every centre consists of these days, it is beyond me!
    What I see with motorist coming to places like Freo, is behaviour about parking that is completely different to going to a shopping centre. At a shopping centre, you know you will not find your preferred spot, so you just take a bay in the general area, nobody gets any summer time shade, hope to remember it, and get on with your day. However, in Freo, motorists drive around and around aiming to get as close to ‘their’ spot, the right side of the road, getting visibly agitated, and elated when they pull a fast one on another motorist; instead of just using the parts you know are likely to be available a little further out, and walking, ie, getting on with your day, as one does at a shopping centre. If moving the parking to the periphery works in these shopping centres, ie, no on can park in their centre at all, and that seems to make everyone happy, then do the same thing in Freo, ie, remove all parking from the centre of Freo, move it to the outskirts, thus enabling much better pedestrianised areas, that research says supports grazing type retail.
    A problem for all levels of Gov’t, is they are extremely conservative, they take decades to move with the times. They won’t even experiment. Since post America’s cup many citizens have said give us large stretches of pedestrianised shopping areas in the interesting areas of freo, ie, the historical and architecturally interesting locations. High st from Market to the Round House and the West End that it cuts through is that area, and it naturally leads to the Town Hall, King Sq, Library, etc.
    Great the CoF is experimenting with this tiny section of South Tce, I hope the next area they conduct the same experiment is High St to the Round House.
    Also Kel, it is pleasant to have a calm exchange of views, one that Roel is encouraging.

  2. Jon said, on April 10, 2016 at 12:40 am

    Nicely put Kel.
    A logical position, based on common sense

  3. kel said, on April 9, 2016 at 9:14 pm

    Hi Paul,

    As I said “If it aint broke don`t fix it” with South Terrace and Market Street.

    Same goes for High Street as it also works well now with its half hour free parking.

    We must remember that these streets are required to be open to traffic and car and parking friendly especially from Monday to Thursday also because if they are not, there will be a further exodus of business from the City Centre.Nothing is more definite than that Paul but you seem to disagree.The character of the Heritage Buildings would be less impressive without the retail shops and shoppers,.Old Lounges in the street and popups are tempory and would not replace permanent established businesses who hang in there for the 7 days a week and through the 4 seasons.There is a bigger picture to look at and it includes the requirement of cars and bikes in the inner city centre..

    Kings Square Redevelopment, which is becoming more unlikely to proceed was to be the Great Mall Of The People.not High Street West.


  4. freoview said, on April 8, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    I think you mean South Tce, not South St Paul.


  5. freoishome said, on April 8, 2016 at 5:27 am

    Kel, I assume that is sarcasm!

    I think we should forget about pedestrianising South St, and instead focus on pedestrianising the High St from Market St to the Round house. In the long term that will connect better to the current but revamped High Mall, which in turn connects to the Town Hall and the the revamped Kings Square and Amendment 49.

    Let the buses and cars have South St, and then lets see what market forces do?

    Will the ratepayers ans guest prefer to graze down the pedestrianised High St connecting the two ends which are of most interest historically and architecturally, or will they prefer to have their coffee amongst the traffic?

  6. kel said, on April 7, 2016 at 7:06 pm


    If it aint broke don’t fix it.

    The Cappuccino Strip should be left open as it is and the Council should stop meddling with this stupid idea which will only cause these types of disruptions and extra costs to ratepayers.It will also pit businesses against one another. (Especially when the Food Trucks roll in)

    Whats wrong with it the way it is? It works perfectly well!

    At the moment Visitors to the City can continue to drive through the centre of the City and get a feel for the great Atmosphere/Vibe and Character of it and High Street then get their bearings and find an elusive carpark somewhere then do the Cappuccino strip stroll at their pace on a Friday or Saturday night.That is its attraction to the general public.

    Surely the visitors do not want more shoulder to shoulder crowding as that can be a turn off week after week and will eventually be the reason why a lot of people will not return.

    It works as well today as it has for the past 100 years. There is already heaps of Catering and Liquor outlets there.

    Could I suggest the Mayor and Councillors get off their bikes and do a “drive” through town on a Saturday or Sunday night around 8 pm and see what they are about to take away from us then find an elusive carpark, take a seat at Ginos and watch this vibe including the passing traffic/buses.

    I understand Chemists sell “Mind Bike Blanking Pills” if they need them to do the test.

    Thank you

  7. freoishome said, on April 7, 2016 at 5:59 pm

    Regarding the Traffic Mgt aspect. I think the Advanced Worksite Traffic Manager needs to justify the all day staffing. I don’t think there is any specific requirement under the Act. But the overriding intent of TMgt is risk mitigation and safety of all road users; so maybe AWTM thinks events needs TC presense. IMO for short events, keeping them there makes knock down faster, but otherwise normally you only need TCs for traffic control with Stop/Slow bats, no such need in this case. TCs only have authority to control traffic not crowds, the latter being a police role, so it can’t be that.

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