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Posted in city of fremantle, community, local government by freoview on March 21, 2016

One of the relentless Fremantle Council bashers, who shall remain unnamed, claims that the Fremantle Society under my and Henty Farrar’s presidency was influenced by council.

He wrote “I see that the Fremantle Society now it’s out from under council influence, which will be another step forward for the community, much better having an independent voice for the community than another manipulated one.

I find it extremely insulting that someone who is an FS member and who took part in several FS committee meetings accuses Henty and I of being manipulated by Fremantle Council. Like former presidents before us we held monthly meetings with the Fremantle Mayor and were keen to be listened to one on one, rather than grandstanding in the local papers or hold public shouting matches in the Townhall.

Henty and I believed that respect and collaboration might get us further than the almost autistic negativity by people who want to gain political milage by being against everything Fremantle Council does. They are the people who believe that if you don’t like their opinion you are the enemy and that you do deals behind closed doors.

During the many meetings I had with Brad Pettitt on behalf of the Fremantle Society I was often accompanied by former Councillor June Hutchison, now FS Vice President Don Whittington also took part in some of these monthly meetings, as did other FS committee members who are now on the present committee. We had nothing to hide and those meetings were reported to committee and are part of the minutes.

It is absolutely laughable and outrageous that we are now being accused of having been manipulated, whatever that means, by Fremantle Council. The accusation is even more laughable when one considers that this Freo’s View blog has been one of the main critics of Fremantle Council for over five years.

The Fremantle Society under Henty and I worked hard and diligently for Fremantle without fear or favour, gave many interviews to the mainstream media, organised events in collaboration with Notre Dame University and tried to get a better council amalgamation outcome than becoming part of Melville. We often felt frustrated and not listened to but we never gave up and definitely were never manipulated by the City of Fremantle.

We were a very dedicated group of volunteers fighting for our community and no one at the City of Fremantle ever tried to influence us. It is defamatory to claim we were manipulated by elected members and officers.

I suppose it is much easier to just write nasty comments on this and other blogs,  and pretend to want to stand for Council, but then pull out at the last minute because someone offers big bucks overseas, and Fremantle is suddenly less of a priority. Get a life mate and stop your conspiracy crap. It’s not a sign of great intelligence!

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