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Posted in arthur head, city of fremantle, local government by freoview on October 7, 2015

It is disappointing to read Fremantle City Ward Councillor Rachel Pemberton’s disingenuous blog post on the proposed Sunset Events temporary tavern and music venue at historic Arthur Head, where she compares the proposed venue with the Fremantle Arts Centre. I believe that Pemberton is a relatively good performer in the Chamber who does her homework, so why did she write a post like this one?

Like Rachel I go to many of the concerts at the FAC, especially the Sunday afternoon ones, so I know the proposed J Shed venue will be nothing like the FAC experience.

The plain fact is that the main purpose and core business of the FAC is art and culture, while the core business and main purpose of a tavern is the sale of alcohol. The vast majority of people who frequent pubs go there to drink alcohol and only a small percentage also have food. The tavern no doubt will have many beers on tap while at the FAC one can buy only one brand of mid strength or one brand of full strength beer in a stubby and one brand of white or red wine and a cider.

I did not read a mention of restricted alcohol sales and no spirits for the J Shed temporary tavern proposal and neither is there a mention of under 18 alcohol-free events, so let’s stop the spin and pretend the tavern will be similar to the FAC. It will be nothing like it!

State agency Fremantle Ports is against the proposal because it is worried about anti social behaviour, parking and traffic issues, etc. The Roundhouse volunteer guides are against it because it will severely impact on the tourist experience and amenity of Arthur Head and their operations there. The arts businesses and local residents are against the J Shed venue proposal and so are the Whadjuk Nyoongar people. The hospitality operators at the Fishing Boat Harbour are not keen on it either but because of some bewildering solidarity don’t want to go public with their opposition to the J Shed pub.

Connectivity between Victoria Quay and the Fishing Boat Harbour will be interrupted when the area is fenced off. Ugly portable toilets and other semi-permanent structures will visually pollute the Bathers Beach experience for visitors to our State’s most significant historic precinct that stars the oldest public building in Western Australia, the Roundhouse.

And then when Council has approved the proposal after all because it does not give a four X about community opinion the Fremantle Doctor will take care of it all and will make the experience a very unpleasant one, as we found out when we extended the Bathers Beach Sunset Food Markets to J Shed one year. Or would they dare to take the Indian Ocean vista away by planting double-stacked sea containers there as a wind break?

I think this issue is far too important to be rushed. Council should more or less be in caretaker mode when half of Council is up for election on October 17, so why not defer the item till after the election, so people can vote for Councillors who are for or against the proposal, whatever their preference is. Sounds fair to me.

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconsfield Ward. Truly Independent.

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162

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  1. bigjulie said, on October 11, 2015 at 12:56 pm

    Shane, show a bit of respect to the Tribal Elders would you?

    You may want the city to be your playground or personal Disneyland, but the reality is that a true vibrant city has all these aspects living in harmony. Harmony!

    If the Sherry Drinkers Tiddlywinks Club or the Boy Scouts were wanting J shed, their scale of disturbance would be less intrusive than a Cowboy Beer Saloon featuring Musac.

    A scaling of noxious industrial activates would include:
    • hammer mill machine from mineral crushing mills produced the highest average noise (98.4 dB(A),
    • electric generator1 (95.6 dB(A) from soft drink bottling industry,
    • electric generator (97.7 dB(A)) from beer brewing and bottling industry, vacuum pump (93.1 dB(A))

    Open air Rock & Roll concerts are often in the range of 110- 130 dB, so they are the worst offenders.

    Plus no band has ever turned down their volume without protest and sneaky reinstatement. Their volume dials have been re-stamped from 1-10 to now 1-20 just to feed their harmful acoustic addictive imperative. Remember 60% of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musicians are afflicted with deafness and tinnitus.

    So you are glowing warm and fuzzy with the insertion of the worst industrial menace – R & R plus brewing machines – to city’s harmony and tranquility? That the concept for you is innovative, sensitive and attractive progress? An international tourist magnet? Bollocks – it is stupid begetting stupidity for 20 long painful years.

    Signing this public land over to private enterprise just because Council is too lazy or short-sighted to comply with its charter of care is immoral and unpatriotic. We can and should do better. The Romans gave Verona an imaginative Stadium and the best we can offer world tourism is a tin shed with German beer and a sausage in a bun! Oh, let’s not ignore the music…. how globally clever?

    The lame concept – ignoring the wise no parking at the Port – will be a shambolic disaster and the city forefathers/Tribal Elders will be spinning swish swish silently in their graves. The Council has to stop the huge rush rush and reconsider its other wonderful options.


  2. Jayne said, on October 11, 2015 at 8:23 am

    Shane, why don’t you run your anti aging rant past the businesses in Fremantle. See if you get any support from the trendy cafes, coffee shops, art galleries, bars, boutiques, book shops, gift shops etc. Maybe then you might discover that those geriatric baby boomers as you call them are people who regularly spend a lot of money locally every week supporting the small businesses that make Fremantle interesting and exciting and without their spending power the city would be up shit creek without a paddle.

    If the west end has according to you “shrivelled” over the past ten plus years, that is because half the buildings are a university… for young people. Are you going to blame that fact on baby boomers? In fact one of the only areas in the west end that is neglected and has been allowed to shrivel is Arthur Head – the very area we are debating. As WAs most historic and iconic places, the local council with the state government should have invested in the area many years ago to provide boardwalks, access (for disabled, wheelchairs and prams), signage, maintenance, security, drink fountains, clean toilets, landscaping, lighting etc to attract more people there. The fact this hasn’t happened is because the council (not oldies). The fact the vibrant beach markets are moving is due to the council not oldies.

    The fact oldies want to protect the history of this town is something you should be very grateful for, I am. If you want a vibrant town on the beach with lots of new buildings maybe YOU should be the one moving. Maybe Scarborough would suit you better – lots of modern “architecture” cough, pubs, graffiti, cafes, noise and heaps of young people everywhere.

    You might have traveled the world Shane but that doesn’t make you worldly or very clever.


  3. Max said, on October 10, 2015 at 8:20 pm

    “You can’t trash this council’s obvious remarkable achievements”
    What a statement, anyone that thinks this council has done anything remarkable needs to get out more. Not that far away other councils are really growing, Fremantle struggles to hold onto business, retail and is known across Perth as a dodgy place for a night out with shit parking availability.
    I can’t believe people actually compare NY to Fremantle for comparisions?
    Last week in the car park by the esplanade sea containers there where a couple of shady looking characters dealing out of their car, but that’s nothing new in freo.

    Have a look at Google Earth the skate park is a blight on the park and is just a huge heat sink for the area.
    What idiots concrete over park land in this age. City’s all over the world are working to increase green space these fools are pouring concrete into ours.


  4. freoview said, on October 9, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    I have mentioned on numerous occasions on my blog that the Esplanade Youth Plaza is a huge success and great addition to Fremantle, Shane. I still would have loved it if they had put it 100 metres further south in the carpark and make it an addition to the Esplanade rather than putting it on it. I never liked the argument some brought up at the time that it would attract drug dealers and drunks, because I watched often when the skaters were opposite Clancys having fun and never saw anyone drugged or drunk, but for a few homeless people opposite in the park.

    I go the the EYP a few times a month to see what is happening as I really like the way the older skaters are respectful to the young ones and help them. There is rarely even a foul word at the EYP just kids having healthy fun.

    I am standing for Council but not against anyone as far as I am concerned. I believe change can be good and I believe I have got something different to offer. I did the promotional photography for Rachel Pemberton’s last campaign, organised Brad Pettitt’s recent Liveable Cities forum at Rosy O’Grady, go to a lot of community consultation sessions to have a positive input, and in general have a friendly and courteous relationship with all Councillors.



  5. shanefreo said, on October 9, 2015 at 12:40 pm


    I deliberately pushed the ‘ageist’ button – its annoying to have the boot on the other foot isn’t it? I suggest you re-read the numerous comments by your readers that equates anything promoted for a youth clientele as places, in essence, where “the police will be ever so busy, assaulted by drunks and shot at by drugsters”. This nonsense pre-dates the skate park – see ‘The Big Day Out’…

    And enough with the Abbott-esque “booze barn” and other throw-away epithets.

    The baby-boomers at which I am having a crack are those that decided it is was fashionable in the early 1990s to move into an inner-city, Brian-Klopper-designed, warehouse retro-fit – any then immediately set about changing the local environment. I have know the Hislops for many years – and they are a case in point – Western-suburb retirees who moved to the West End and started FICRA.

    Or this, “Over coffee… Kat Longley … described how the council’s policies on graffiti and the skate plaza on the Esplanade will attract young people, but not customers for local businesses. As a cashed-up boomer, she’s wanting to be wooed.” I would say looking at the Esplande Park recently the young people (and their parents) are bringing a lot more business (and life) to Fremantle than has been here in a long time.

    Of course this debate is about generational change – have a look at who is predominately on what side (and those in their 50s are by definition baby-boomers). The previous council, represented by John Dowson and their current candidate, Claudia Green versus Brad Pettitte and the current council…

    The baby-boomers have made Perth into the sleepy backwater it is today – not just in Fremantle – look at the lack of public amenity along the coast and river. The one place there should be a true inner city lifestyle, the West End, is still being held back – if you want “relative peacefulness’ then go back to the suburbs.


  6. freoview said, on October 9, 2015 at 11:22 am

    It is absolutely and totally untrue that I want the West End, in which I do not live by the way, be for what you disrespectfully call oldies. I want the revitalisation in form of small bars, more and better retail, better more creative architecture of new buildings, etc. I have advocated for an art market at Arthur Head, for events next to and in the Roundhouse and at Little High Street, and I have organised events up there myself. I walk the city nearly every day and talk to a lot of people. I have been involved with Notre Dame University and collaborated on events with students. I had a stall at O Day for the Fremantle Society there.
    You make the argument one of ageism and that is very disappointing because it is not at all like that and it is disappointing that younger people believe they have the right to belittle and patronise older people who bring a lot of experience and wisdom to arguments.

    Unlike most 20 year0olds I have travelled the world and learned to appreciate all cultures. I have experienced great places like Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Prague, Nairobi, Munich, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, the Adriatic Coast, central Africa, Sri Lanka, etc.etc. I had my eyes open and witnessed the good and bad of mass tourism and the great hidden treasures of the world where one has time to reflect on the importance of a place, the sacredness of history, and the West End of Fremantle could be a bit of all of that.

    Please don’t pull this down into that awful young against old debate because if you do you show that you do not know what you are talking about. Most older people are not against entertainment and music, they are not against a lively and activated vibrant city, and I for one have been working toward making Fremantle much more of that rather than a sleepy coastal town. I have advocated for very long to get student accommodation for UNDA students, so we have many more young people living in the inner city. I might be old in your books, but I am not old, boring, conservative and against change.



  7. diem4 said, on October 9, 2015 at 11:05 am

    Hi Roel,

    Great to see a few other people who live in the West End pop their heads up and say that the sky is not about to fall. There is no doubt that the West End is a special place and needs nurturing. But nurturing is not about saying no to everything and being reactionary to every proposal. The West End belongs to a lot of different people – and that’s what makes it so special.

    I have a particular connection to Arthur Head as I am one of the Pilots who happily worked in one of the Captain’s Lane cottages for for many years. My company leased it from the council. We were a bit shocked when council decided to turn the area into a cultural precinct as it meant we had to shift. We argued hard about our special connection to the area (the cottages were after all built for our forebears!). In the end we decided to move on and we purchased a building in the East End. It was the best thing we did and now we can see a remarkable transformation happening in this area. THIS TRANSFORMATION IS ENTIRELY DUE TO THE EFFORTS OF THE CURRENT COUNCIL AND A FEW VERY BRAVE DEVELOPERS AND INVESTORS.

    My point is Roel, you can’t win every argument. You can’t trash this council’s obvious remarkable achievements because you strongly disagree on a couple of issues. We were extremely disappointed with the councils decision at the time, but we moved on and are now part of something that I think will end up very special indeed. In hindsight I think the Cultural Precinct decision was made for the right reasons – it just sounds as though it needs a little more support. We must also remember, these sorts of projects are very difficult without state government support.

    All these decisions are difficult, but if you look at the big picture, there is no doubt that Fremantle has turned the corner and we are seeing a remarkable transformation which will enhance it’s special nature. I’m beginning to think that even the reactionaries deep down see this and don’t quite know how to react. This is perhaps why we are seeing some very strange commentary indeed at the moment. Embrace the change and Fremantle will have a bright future – this I think is the current council’s mantra and they should be applauded for it.

    All the best.



  8. shanefreo said, on October 9, 2015 at 10:02 am

    Restraint – a by-word for boring…

    Roel – I can’t follow the logic expressed here by you and others –

    You talk heritage – but argue that we should ignore the West End’s true historic character ( a dense, chaotic one).
    You argue for revitalisation – and then find fault with every proposed development. (Apologies Benny, et al if I have now brought the wrath of the nay-sayers upon your backpackers.)
    You are disgusted but ‘facadism’ – but your idea of heritage is just (and only) that.
    You attack the mayor for being non-representative – but forget he represents every resident of Fremantle – kids, youth, teenagers, Gen Y, Gen X and the Baby Boomers – yet you want the West End to only facilitate the desires of the oldies… The West End is for the whole community.


  9. freoview said, on October 9, 2015 at 9:11 am

    I am all for activation Shane and it’s the first I hear about the Orient becoming a backpackers.
    The West End changed not only because of Notre Dame and the closure of the pubs but also because Fremantle Port modernised and the hundreds of wharfies that used to do shift work are no longer there and the skimpies and the pubs are no longer what the West End is about.
    But street activation is essential. I would love to see a few small bars opening along High Street. The Villa Roma is empty and would make a great small bar for example.

    I have lived in Hague, Netherlands, Nuremberg in Germany, Sydney and travelled the world and have seen and experienced what can be done and how well activation can work when it is done with taste and restraint. I want more activity in the WE. I have asked for it, I have made suggestions for it. I visit the West End every day of the week and have coffee there.



  10. shanefreo said, on October 9, 2015 at 9:01 am

    Roel – in reference to your point regarding Little High Street and me raising the West End’s character – I have watched over the last 25 years as Notre Dame and previous councils have reduced the number of pubs on High Street from 8 down to 2 (and if some in the neighborhood had opportunity they would close the Orient). The West End’s historical character is part of a loud, rambunctious working port – not a Western Suburbs retiree enclave. Little High Street and Henry Street residents changed the character of the area and not the other way around. Am I happy that there will be a 300-bed backpackers above the Orient shortly? Not really – but I chose this precinct in which to live – and therefore accept its noise and crowds…

    Bigjulie – your reply smacks of the condescending attitude (you are so worldly – and assume other younger aren’t) of the West End Baby Boomers which I ‘spat’ against and, may I say, a rather Victorian attitude to life. Background – I lived in Manhattan for 7 years and (as can be see from my previous tag) spent another 8 years in Split, Croatia. It is precisely because I have lived in these areas that I choose to move to the West End – its the last opportunity in Perth (which has suffered under an inherent conservatism for decades) to create an urban life. I saw areas such as the Meat Packing district of New York re-emerge; I lived in the centre of Dioceltian’s 1700 year-old palace and experienced cafes and pubs (with loud music) existing side-by-side with the rest of a dense community; Roel, I was the first private guide to the palace – discussing 2000 years of history in an over 2 hour tour – that’s real heritage…

    Claudia – you and the rest of the Bodkins Boffins, and Mr Dowson should not criticize people trying to revitalize the West End behind their backs in the Herald and at BID meetings – but should be polite and approach them on the street for a genteel conversation – cowards…


  11. freoview said, on October 9, 2015 at 8:00 am

    Thanks james, but the battle for Beacy has to be won first and it is not at all a given. I am one of three candidates so realistically I have only a 33 per cent chance of winning it and I do the battle all on my won and don’t have a political party behind me, so that makes it much harder. We’ll see on the 17th but whatever happens I can assure the people of Fremantle that I will keep fighting to help improve our city either from inside or outside Council and will not just go away with my tail between my legs if not enough people vote for me. I have a genuine and selfless passion for Fremantle and that will continue for as long as I live!



  12. freoview said, on October 9, 2015 at 7:51 am

    You are so right Glen! the Captain’s Lane area is lovely. It was delightful to live there and to sit on the veranda and talk to people passing by. The Crookes kids from next door and i introduced many foreigner to ‘bush tucker’ lilly pilly and the few homeless people that walked by came for a chat or yelled goodnight at me through the window. We were the passive and active surveillance of the area and I asked Council to put a proper path down Captain’s Lane so it would make access to the Roundhouse and to the lawn-for weddings more accessible.
    I too have suggested to light up the cottages from the front and make them a feature. It would surely not be a huge expensive to put four lights below the wall and light it all up. I would love it if disabled people could get into the Roundhouse. I have suggested Council uses the grassed area for events and I have suggested an art market there.
    I asked for years if we could have a ‘stage’ at Little High Street during the Street Art Festival long weekend to encourage people to walk don High Street and discover and enjoy the far West End of town.
    Georgie Adeane and I extended the Bathers Beach Sunset Food Markets all along the path from Kidogo Arthouse to J Shed and on the A Class reserve, we lit up the tunnel beautifully and I have asked Fremantle City to at least put more attractive lights in the tunnel and make it a feature.
    How many people see the lit up cliff face? I thinks it looks great but not many people visit there during the night.
    The area deserves much more and better attention from the City. I can’t believe there is still no proper wayfinding signage in the area although we have asked for it for years, and that is not acceptable.
    The Mayor sits in Council and tells us the area needs activation as nothing is happening at Arthur Head but the City has failed to do basic things. Where is the Arthur Head promotion, where is the signage, the lights, the events and a bit of tender love and care for the area?!
    Yesterday the Whalers Tunnel was still closed at 9 am! I have alerted the City on numerous occasions that the security company either failed to open the gates, did it far too late and closed the gates too early at night, but who cares. I am just a geriatric nay-saying whinger who should shut up because Brad and his mates know best what’s good for us. Quiet enjoyment of the great historic area is not good enough. It needs to be destroyed by making it into a live outdoor music venue.
    Only Councillor Ingrid Waltham got it when she suggested to only approve events for up to 400 people but not the 1500. or now maybe 1000 patrons, ticketed concerts.
    We have been banging our heads against the wall for many years to get improvement at Arthur Head but all we’ve got is a few benches, but still no shade structures for tourist to sit under .
    The City of Fremantle failed the area and neglected it and because they did they now want to destroy it. They have been given similar reasons for Pioneer Park. No one uses it so let’s build a multi storey building on it, when all it needs is some creative landscaping, seating and shade structures and a playground near Spare Parts Theatre. But that is just common sense low fruit placemaking the Mayor no longer seems to want to support, although it was he who brought out David Engwichts on several occasions to preach exactly those solutions.



  13. Glen said, on October 9, 2015 at 6:52 am

    I would not say the arts hub is failed. My own gallery works very well.
    I get locals always returning to bring visiting friends and family.
    I get tourists visiting from all over Australia and the world, that have been told to visit my gallery by friends and family back home.

    I only open 4 days per week, which includes the weekend, so are Wild Twig next door. And when the weather is lovely and the people are around, it can be quite bustling along the laneway.
    I would love to be open more days, but we have tried this and during the week on many many days we would be open for nothing, and obviously that incurs a cost in time and money for any business or operation.
    I have thought about being open more days during spring and autumn as during summer and winter and with this area so isolated, if it is pouring rain or stinking hot, people prefer not to walk the distance, and it becomes dead.
    So to have different days for different seasons would be confusing for people, perhaps it is something I may still try.

    It is the “activation” of the area that has failed. I have been up there for around 7 years now, I think I am the longest surviving business in the cottage. Over time it has changed, like the rest of Fremantle it is suffering, but WHEN we do have people in town that come up there, it is vibrant.

    Signage is extremely lacking to even let people know there is an arts hub there.
    Access is lacking, the stairs a huge turn off for a lot of people.
    No disabled access, there is to the laneway, but not to the cottages.
    People hate to climb the stairs. Many times we have suggested for the tourist tram to actually drive the people up Fleet Street and along Captains Lane instead of simply turning around at the bottom of the stairs, but it falls on deaf ears.
    Security Cameras are a MUST, but not happening.
    We have tried being open when festival events continue into the night, the carpark in little high is a no-mans land that people seem too fearful to cross.
    The cottages are absolutely beautiful and would look magnificent uplit from the front at night, make them a jewel instead of nightly derelict… again deaf ears.
    When we heard about the cliffs being uplit, at first I thought it was the Litttle High St side as this would encourage people to come down High St, but sadly it has only been done on the ocean side, who does this help, the view from bathers beach and most probably the atmosphere for the Sunset Events shed.
    I have asked for it to be done on the High St side, again deaf ears,

    I love my gallery space, I love the reaction when people first come through the door and witness what they did not expect of a gallery. I hope to keep showing my work in the space for many years to come.
    Please do not say the area is dead as it is not, we just need more people to come to Freo more consistently, not just on the weekends and seasonally, that is what Freo needs to focus on, getting people into the city on a revolving basis and then letting them know everything that they can see and do, not just focusing on one aspect or business in town.


  14. James said, on October 8, 2015 at 9:22 pm

    West end resident here…

    Personally I don’t buy into this ‘everything about this is bad’ argument. This project has been quite well researched and considered, both Cr Pemberton and Naber (he’s the other city ward councillor) have been very consultative with my neighbours and I and its great to see some progression on the matter.

    I love the Fremantle Art Center’s concerts, I’m genuinely looking forward to a bit of that action in the West End. Night time activation with an arts slant (it’s very Freo), and the increased passive surveillance will be very welcome. It’s such an exciting time to be living in Fremantle City.

    One doesn’t have to cast their memory back very far to recall that it is this council that navigated us through the complex community issues (albeit largely perceived issues) raised surrounding the Esplanade Youth Plaza. It is without question they delivered a sensational result. It is this track record that leaves me confident the current council can and will deliver on the J-Shed in the same fashion.

    For those interested in making up their own minds, Cr Pemberton’s blog post is here

    Happy to grab you a celebratory coffee when you win Beacy Roel.


  15. bigjulie said, on October 8, 2015 at 9:28 am

    Dear Kayakcroatia

    you spat:

    1. “geriatric baby-boomers and their ilk that make up reactionary groups such as FICRA, please waddle off to your retirement (lifestyle) village homes…

    2. My young family (4 boys under 10) live directly behind the Orient Hotel and enjoy the sound of the music through the walls at night…

    3. The West End has shrivelled over the last 25 years under the custodianship of an old guard that now fights against the positive (generational) change created by the current council.

    My response:

    1. We baby boomers invented protest and free love. One day, if you survive the rigors of modernity, you too will become geriatric, so don’t condemn that stage until you get there. Waddle can be a younger man’s gait too, pending how much football or drunken falls.

    2. The noise from a hotel I know very well as my parents owned 2 of Victoria’s iconic hotels. One was the site of an historic shoot-out, the other of a famous sportsman being killed by a bouncer. Your 4 lads will see this behaviour through their misty windows or when older, they may be the perpetrators or the victims. Keep humble my friend. Additionally, I am interested in the proposition that conception during rock music causes male babies. Care to enrol?

    3. “Beware of false prophets” is an old biblical maxim. So too, one sees swanky reformers promising to be the way, the light and the truth in architecture, town planning and money ventures for themselves. Old cities die without an infra-structure of residents, shops and real activity. Night party people contribute zero depth to a city other than filling the rubbish bins early in the evening to then upend them as they depart. People before festivity eh what Mr Gatsby?

    Try a trip to Hong Kong, Central district and see the Martian labyrinth of narrow walkways, granite foyers for the armed nightwatchman, armoured rollers and bars on all windows, stainless steel balustrades encircling rubbish bins, howling sirens attending drunk Western Yobbos still wearing their baseball hats backwards and then pause to picture the once tranquil beach of Fremantle now thumping Rock and Roll to the bewitched drunks. You voted for that whilst the rest of us, KayakCroata are up the proverbial creek in your canoe with your 4 boys without a paddle. Still don’t believe me? Ask your Mother.


  16. Matthew Hanssen said, on October 7, 2015 at 9:32 pm

    There’s one thing you can guarantee if you vote for Rachel and that is she will do exactly what she did in the previous 4 years.

    So, the blog and communication with the ward will cease the day after the election and we will hear from her again around the time of the next election.

    What she says and how she votes are totally contradictory.


  17. Mark said, on October 7, 2015 at 7:29 pm

    Interesting that the ageism (no different than racism or sexism) is still alive and running in freo
    Just for some relevant facts that aging population you wish to drive out is the fast growing demographic in freo and the biggest.
    Comparing buying a place next to an operating licensed venue has nothing to do or no comparison with building a 1500+ plus booze bar in a tranquil residential heritage part of town.
    Perhaps you are missing the point its the booze barn that will change or destroy the character of the area, sorry to bring up relevant facts.

    Its this council that has driven residences out of this area and that implemented the failed arts hub, perhaps this was their long term plan, helped kill off the area so they can get their mates in to reactivate it, cheap?
    Not sure how you reactivate an area by fencing it off from the general public
    Just for another point of view the new guard has over seen the biggest decay in fremantles history, when has fremantle lost so much.
    Shops, offices,
    Emergency operation for hospital
    Thousands of offices jobs
    Deck chair theatre
    Possible lose of WA circus
    2 movie theatres
    The fly losing its home, how much longer will it last?
    The dockers
    Loss of tree canopy
    The increasing of hard covering of parks, loss of grass and green space
    Etc, etc.
    I don’t know much loss the city can handle from the new guard.


  18. Cheryl said, on October 7, 2015 at 6:17 pm

    Should I reply to Shane or kayakcroatia?

    You overlook the fact that the residents of the inner-city urban environment may have moved there for the relative peacefulness it accorded them at the time. I am neither a geriatric nor a baby-boomer resident of the area but someone who cares passionately about the protection of such an important heritage site in WA as Arthur Head and the Fremantle Round House – and it’s amenity for more than 110,000 visitors annually. So much so that I give much of my free time to acting as a Guide there and serving on a progressive committee aiming to improve the visitor experience and increase visitation.

    You stated that you didn’t try to change its character when you moved in behind the Orient Hotel – that was your choice. I say that Sunset Events thought the CoF ARE trying to change the character of the area, to it’s detriment and that their proposal should be dismissed if for no other reason than that.


  19. freoview said, on October 7, 2015 at 3:50 pm

    You moved near an existing pub and was aware of the noise that might come from that Shane. It is unfair to compare the J Shed all new tavern and live music venue with that. People who bought at Little High Street invested because of the amenity and relative peacefulness of the area. Quite different and quite offensive to call them geriatric baby-boomers as quite a few of them are in their 40s and 50s.

    If you read my blog posts neither the music venue nor the skatepark are opposed as such just the inappropriate location of it. It makes a real difference to read the fine print before making statements.



  20. kayakcroatia said, on October 7, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    Would the geriatric baby-boomers and their ilk that make up reactionary groups such as FICRA, please waddle off to your retirement (lifestyle) village homes now – you should never have moved into an inner-city urban environment in the first place. )You should be happy in these establishments since they have been created on the sites of nearly every Western Suburbs pub.) My young family (4 boys under 10) live directly behind the Orient Hotel and enjoy the sound of the music through the walls at night. We knew what to expect from the area when we moved here – we didn’t try to change its character.

    Inner city life is about vibrancy. The West End has shriveled over the last 25 years under the custodianship of an old guard that now fights against the positive (generational) change created by the current council. As for the current Port Authority – they have also destroyed any life down at its various sheds on the harbor.

    The skate park has been a resounding success and I am sure this new venue will be as well.


  21. Claudia said, on October 7, 2015 at 3:03 pm

    The situation is that as the elected “representative” of the City Ward, Rachel’s responsibility is to her constituents. Her constituents have sent a clear message of 76 against the proposal and 2 for it.
    There is no position other than respect for her constituents’ wishes.
    No debate; no question; no amendments.
    It is a travesty of the very democracy the Mayor is constantly banging on about that the City of Fremantle has not instituted the Caretaker Convention. His colleagues at the City of Perth, Stirling, South Perth and Gosnells have managed it, and I quote:

    “Irrevocable decisions that commit the City to substantial expenditure or significant actions, such as that which might be brought about through a Notice of Motion by an Elected Member.” .

    Serious poor governance.

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10


  22. Diana Ryan said, on October 7, 2015 at 2:58 pm

    Roel’s comment that councils should go in to caretaker mode prior elections – given individuals who govern face possible imminent replacement – is an EXCELLENT IDEA.

    Why is this not being considered as part of reforms we know the Barnett Govt still wants to undertake?

    In fact why isn’t the fact these elections are held at the worst time of the year (bar Xmas) being addressed? (Spring, school holidays, royal show, various footy finals)

    Also, is everyone aware that Reece Harley (challenging for Lord Mayor) has a far more extensive list of transparencies he wants to see in local govts than the public are generally aware of (and it includes staff salaries and other administration-side detailing).

    Now is the time to start demanding change, or queuing it for the next local govt election – keep up the floating of ideas, Roel. I’ll try to get Harley’s fuller list of transparencies he believes should occur within councils to you.


  23. bigjulie said, on October 7, 2015 at 10:22 am

    Years ago I visited a mountain in Tasmania. I heard a man howling into the void. Upon reaching the cliff, he apologetically explained that he was just enjoying being alone because in the UK it was difficult to find an unoccupied space.

    This seems a poignant litmus of “European expansion” wherein every space needs to be altered, painted, signposted, illuminated, directed, built upon, altered and deranged from its God designed self. A cliff is certainly not improved by inseminating a walk way into it; it is best left as a cliff as intended by the Great Architect. The southern isthmus of the port should be somewhat raw and natural rather than AutoCAD concrete, bitumen and empty Budweiser’s.

    • A tin shed will be an acoustic woofer pulsing the night air.
    • 1000 cars snarling to the gin and beer saloon will be parked somewhere?
    • Garbage trucks will have to ferry all those empties and crisp packets away.
    • A 20 year lease precludes another development other than a school for the blind or deaf.
    • A Rock and Roll concert every other night amidst the Fremantle Doctor gale will be a chilling event for all in their little black numbers. Once bitten twice shy.

    Is alcohol such a necessary part of our community that we need a pub on every corner? Did not the Victorian experience teach us that alcohol’s destination is poverty and violence – mostly upon women?

    So the essence of the concept is:

    • the locals will go demented due to lack of sleep
    • the police will be ever so busy, assaulted by drunks and shot at by drugsters
    • the patrons will have no where to park or egress
    • the garbos & suppliers will have to have numerous mini-trucks
    • nobody else will desire to enter the Armageddon zone with brilliant future innovative design or a business.
    • the next generation will be encouraged to inebriate themselves

    The carpetbaggers win – everyone else looses. Aussie Aussie….. we flush ourselves into crass oblivion whilst decimating the jewel in Fremantle’s crown with beer, vomit and amplified musical muesli. This is not progress. Any Councillors or staff who support the heinous proposal should be sent packing for psychiatric assessment.


  24. Mark said, on October 7, 2015 at 9:06 am

    Roel I agree with the statement about being a good performer
    Pretends to care about the tree canopy yet votes to cut down over 100 mature trees at WGV, my what a waste of water that will be.
    Pretends to care about green open space but votes to concrete it
    Pretends to care about local business but votes against parking
    Say she cares about the community but votes for a ridiculous r rating at Burt st. Etc

    One is about community the is about $$$$$ at any cost.
    Of course it will be interesting to look at future elections and see where donations come from.

    The fact she can compare a cheap nasty set up designed only to be a cash cow at the local communities expense, to events at the art centre just shows the low opinion she has of the the locals interlect.
    The city ward has never heard so much from Rachel in 4yrs, as it has over the last couple of months, that alone shows the level of respect she has for the community she portrays to represent, her reason for now attempting to engage the broader community is clearly self serving.
    Her own blog dormant for so long only given life need for an election

    There is actually a caretaker model for LG, that some councils follow, as recommended by DLG , though our council idea of that is to ram as much through council as possible before the election just in case, something like democracy raises its dirty head and interferes with certain peoples agendas.


  25. dickbaynham said, on October 7, 2015 at 8:52 am

    Well said Roel. The people of Fremantle need your fair, strong and independent voice on Council.


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