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Posted in abeautifulcity, fremantle, retail by freoview on February 14, 2015

I regularly catch up with leasing and retail expert Nicholas Takacs of abeatifulcity and of course we talk about the decline of Fremantle’s retail often. For me these meetings are educational because Nicholas goes all over Perth to check out how different retailers do business, market themselves, beautify their shops, etc. and he also is contracted to put up people counters in shopping centres and streets and  he gives advise to traders and centre managers.

I am not qualified to put words into Nicholas mouth, so what I am writing about are just my thoughts inspired by the long talk I had with him yesterday at Gino’s where we talked about the importance and success of local shopping destinations like Claremont Crescent in Swanbourne, Angove Street in North Perth, Oxford Street in Leederville and that lovely Angelo Street one in South Perth, to name just a few.

That made me think about how we say that retail in Fremantle is not doing well, when we actually mean it is not doing well in the CBD. Out of that comes the question if we should make the CBD bigger by including successful shopping destinations such as the Peaches and IGA strip along Hampton Road, the Romano’s and IGA shopping precinct at Lefroy Road, Woolworth  further down Hampton Road on the corner of Douro Road, the Hilton shopping area at South Street, etc. Retail in those and many other smaller shopping ‘centres’ is doing very well and that is probably because of proximity but because they also provide a community feeling not unlike markets. Maybe retail thinking in the old ‘High Street’ way is passe and localised destinations are the future of retail instead of the centralised CBD.

This brings me to another point Nicholas and I talked about and that is that property owners in the High Street Mall are finally cleaning up and beautifying vacant shops there. It looks so much better that one has to wonder why it took so long to get this done.

Nicholas has a very good blog that might inspire retailers to spruce up their shops, change the way they present and market, so check it out:

Roel Loopers

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  1. Mark. said, on February 14, 2015 at 8:43 pm

    Roel outside the CBD I don’t think Freo has any big issues in retail, but its all based around daily, or perishables purchases i.e. food, thou lots of this business in these areas have , Duro Rd area has seen a few shops go through that area, the Bakers Delight was closed 4 months, the pasta place, coffee tea place. What the area does have is a great post office, the service from both owners have been brilliant a great draw card.

    Peaches is great along with IGA, both the main draw cards. Lefroy Rd area is great too, the IGA, the bakers, Princis, the bottle shop friendly staff.
    But seriously CBD retail is a shocker, Myers near empty, Woolstores 50% empty, just walk around the CBD and see the vacant shops, if this doing well I would hate to see doing bad?
    You know what the pluses are for all, those areas, that are turning over good business, Lefroy rd Shops, Duro Rd, Hiltons fresh and IGA, South freo Hampton Rd Peaches, free easily accessible parking, and little to non anti social behaviour.
    Like the markets at south freo, great products, free parking, nice atmosphere, no drunks, druggies, swearing, losers causing problems.
    Till the CBD issues of anti social behaviour are addressed, drunks, druggies, violence, stealing , graffiti, begging, etc, etc, it will not turn around.


  2. Greyingnomad said, on February 14, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    All the successful little shopping strips around Fremantle have one thing in common….easy parking without the worry of fines!!!


  3. Pete said, on February 14, 2015 at 11:20 am

    I quite like the 711s. They’ve cleaned the joint up a bit and given a bit of a Melby feel.


  4. abeautifulcity said, on February 14, 2015 at 6:49 am

    I actually think retail in Freo is doing very well.


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