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Posted in australia, fremantle by freoview on March 31, 2014

Can it get any worse? I am shocked to hear that a report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that suicide has overtaken car accidents as the main cause of death for young Australians. 57 kids under the age of 14 killed themselves last year! That is absolutely horrible.

The National Children’s Commissioner Megan Mitchell told the ABC that suicide is now the leading cause of death in the 15-25 year old age bracket. Sadly Aboriginal and Torrest Straight Islander children are five times more likely to take their own life than the rest of Australia.

When did the world turn upside down and children started losing hope in the future?  When did society abandon them and took away their innocence so early? When did they get so much despair that they believed they had no one to go to and talk to. Who took that trust away from them?

Children are sacred and should be protected at all costs by the whole society. Each and everyone in our communities should feel responsible for the well-being of our children. They deserve the best because they are the only future we have. Figures like the above are unacceptable for a modern and wealthy country like Australia and we should be deeply ashamed that this is happening in our country.

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  1. Andrew Sullivan said, on March 31, 2014 at 4:17 pm

    We live in a state that has an open cheque book for killing sharks but has cut mental health services to the bone. On the shark front, Barnett said after the last person died that he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if the next person taken was a child and he hand’t tried to cull the ‘problem’. Well the kids are dying and the sharks are the human variety. Call me cynical, but as the media rarely report suicides (for obvious reasons), and perhaps this makes our politicians sleep easier at night?


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