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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 30, 2013

Before the Western Australian state election Premier Colin Barnett said that council amalgamations were not Liberal Party policy. Then Minister for Local Government Tony Simpson tells us October council elections will definitely be held, but a few days later the Premier comes out that he wants council mergers and that they will happen.

So why did the Liberal Party not come clear before the election, why does Colin Barnett change his mind and not keep his promises, but more importantly though what will this mean for the October council elections. Will those who get voted in only have a one-year term, will those who want to stand can be bothered doing all the hard work and spending thousands of dollars each to try to get on council, when it means we might be thrown out well before our four-year term is over.

It’s bamboozling mister Premier and time for you to be decisive and either force amalgamations through or shut up and let local government get on with their job. The uncertainty is stopping development and progress and most councils can’t afford that.

Roel Loopers / Candidate for Fremantle City Ward

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