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Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 4, 2013

Election campaigns make sane and tolerant people go mad and cynical sometimes. The Western Australian Labor and Greens parties promises to fine those who neglect heritage buildings or take the properties off them, is one where I would just like to shout, yes sure and why only now and not when you were in power? The promises made at the Guildford Hotel rally are clearly just political nonsense and will never happen.

If Michelle Roberts is so concerned about our heritage buildings why did former Labor governments not fine Marilyn New the owner of the Fremantle Woolstores eyesore when they were in power, why did they allow the demolition of many great buildings in Perth and why did they not introduce legislation that allows the state or local governments to take over neglected heritage buildings to protect them? Standing at a rally of concerned people and making empty promises is election rubbish.

I can’t wait to hear Labor leader Mark McGowan‘s announcement of light rail from Perth to Broome and W.A. Premier Colin Barnett telling us he’ll fight our water shortage and will fly water in from the Fitzroy River to Perth with water bombers. Pigs do fly, but only during election campaigns.

Dear politicians from all parties please don’t treat us like fools!

Roel Loopers

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