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Posted in fremantle by freoview on April 29, 2012

The City of Fremantle held an information day about the Kings Square development on Saturday, with plans by Fremantle architects CODA, who are the consultants for the square.

Several options were explored for square design, traffic flow, and parking. One proposal would nearly half the square, leaving only a triangle that is land mainly owned by the St John’s church, so that is one I do not favour at all.

There was a discussion if there should be traffic along the edges of Kings Square at all, with some people advocate having a traffic flow on all four sides of the square, while others like me, would like to see traffic reduced even more.

Of course future buildings along and in the square will have a major impact on the look of our city square and placemaking around and on it.

There is an INTERACTIVE COMMUNITY WORKSHOP ON KINGS SQUARE. TUESDAY MAY 1 FROM 5.30- 8.30 upstairs at the Reception Room of the City of Fremantle (use back steps!) Register on 9432 9805 or email:   Come along and voice your opinion!!

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  1. freoishome said, on April 29, 2012 at 7:22 am

    Traffic flow through Fremantle came up as a major aspect of the public forum held at the Town Hall a couple of weeks ago. Now it it crops up again with Kings Sq.

    I think the City needs to deal with this as its number one priority issue, as its impact is so broad.

    Fremantle Harbour is a traffic mgt headache because the harbour is slap in the middle of residential suburbs and access to it is via other residential suburbs. Much the same problem exists for other aspects of freo traffic flow. The Bus Port is at the railway station and currently we have several access routes right through the retail and cafe strip!

    We need to question what we need road access for in Freo? What style of City do we want? Is it one dominated by cars, trucks and large buses?

    The area covered by Amendment 49, includes several through routes, why? They may have served a useful purpose in the 50 and 60s, but is that what we want today, and the knock on impact of that is traffic at Kings Sq!

    For example in the West End do we really need, as opposed to a nice have for motorists, do we really need through routes for Pakenahm, Henry, Mount and Cliff streets? Why? If we don’t then High St could become a pedestrian arae for most of its route through to the The Round House? Would that change the City in away that is more condusive to what we envisage?

    Why is Market and South (to Norfolk) a through route? If this were no the case we can then start to question , why other street likeBannister Nairn, Collie, Essex can’t be closed off at one end, ie, residential and business access only!

    Why aren’t we completely remodelling the route from Canning and Freo Bridge to the railway station, ie, instead of traffic coming into the city along Queen Vic, that it is routed back at Burt directly into Beach.

    Similarly for all streets NE of Market St?


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