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Posted in fremantle by freoview on July 21, 2011

With all the doom and gloom about retail in Fremantle the list of new leases I received today seems to show there is still plenty of confidence in the city. So let’ stop talking the city down as far as retail is concerned and support those who are here, so more will follow and sign new leases:

New leases within the Fremantle city-centre in Fremantle within the last three months:

Rip Curl (old Westpac bank Shop: 6 Adelaide Street)
Telstra-shop (to occupy the Just Jeans Shop: High Street Mall)
Jus Burgers (corner of Henderson Mall and South Terrace)
Vodafone (High Street Mall: lease renewal)
Theobrama Chocolate Lounge (South Terrace – opened this week)
Blue Budha Living (Westgate Mall)
Fremantle Opals (William Street – relocated from Market Street)
Dockside Signs (Josephson Street – relocated from Market Street)
Keysole Six (Market Street)
Fremantle Cellars Café (Adelaide Street – opposite FTI – coming soon)
Abernethy Owens (Adelaide Street – opposite FTI)
Clara(?) – (93 High Street West End)
Unsunk Funk (Adelaide Street)

The Corner Store

Lick Clothing


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  1. pixelgroove said, on July 21, 2011 at 5:45 pm

    …. not to mention

    The Attic Cafe on Bannister St (about 4 months old now)

    The old Fremantle club on Bannister St that just sold about 2 weeks ago, to the team behind Little creatures. It is to become a boutique hotel

    The soon to be open bar/bakery on Pakenham St

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