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Posted in australia, fremantle by freoview on January 26, 2011

HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY EVERYONE! It is a day to celebrate who we are, but not one where we should overestimate ourselves and believe we live in the best country in the world. It is a day to reflect what we do well, and the things we need to improve on. A day to remember that we are still putting women, children and men in detention centres for years; people who came here to enjoy freedom and a better and safe life. We need to give them that.

Today is also a day to be aware that there is still much racism in Australia, and that none of us should tolerate that and speak out when it happens. And for our Aboriginal brothers and sisters this is Invasion Day, a day that was the start of much shame for us as a nation.

Let us think, while having fun, of all those around Australia who suffered in the floods. Let us reflect on those who were beaten and killed in drunken violence, because today this will happen again, because when Australia celebrates there are many who go on drunken rampages.

I love Australia and love living here, but perfect it aint!  A small change for the national anthem: Australia let us all improve, for we are we are proud and free, ……………….

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