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Posted in australia, fremantle, west australian, western australia by freoview on October 14, 2010

Two letter writers in the West Australian today disagree with me about my letter, pasted below, the West published earlier this week.

They claim women/people have to earn respect before one can give it to them, but how does that apply to people we don’t know? Does it mean I should disrespect strangers, because I know nothing about them? Should I have no respect for people who dress, or look, a certain way? That would be an awful judgmental attitude to have.

I am not saying that I don’t feel uncomfortable with drunk people, and yes, I admit, even more so when they are female, but is that reason enough to disrespect them?

Do I know why they got drunk? Did they have a bad day, a funeral, a broken heart?

There can be many reasons why people sometimes drink too much, but there can never be a reason to abuse them because they had a skin full.

Roel Loopers

“Whenever one of the football codes “heroes” is accused of having sexually assaulted a woman, another one of them thinks he needs to defend his mates by blaming the alleged victim.
My message to former AFL player Peter Everitt and all his brothers in arms is simple; a woman who dresses in a mini skirt, a deep cut top, who is drunk or on drugs, is not some kind of slut you can abuse for your own desires.

No matter what state women are in, or how they dress, they deserve respect day and night. No ifs or buts. No excuses. She did not ask for it. Got it?!”


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