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Posted in fremantle by freoview on November 3, 2014

street papers

I only now came across two new magazine-style Fremantle newspapers which focus on a single street only. The WRAY-about Wray Avenue- and the GEORGE-about East Freo’s George Street- are published by The Precinct/Detail Marketing. They are very attractive and vibrant with a lot of good professional photography. Nice to see they did not consider happy snaps with an iPhone good enough, as so many other businesses do.

I picked up my copies at the Freo Library this morning, so check them out. Maybe time for the Herald and Gazette to start thinking about modernisation, more creative photos and better page lay-out?

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on October 21, 2014

Just some photos I took today of three funky small retail shops in Fremantle in High, Market and Cantonment streets.

Support our local retailers!

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Posted in fremantle, retail by freoview on October 17, 2014

I have had feedback from quite a number of people on the thousands of words Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt has written on his blog under the header Retail in Fremantle, specifically the third and last part The Future of Fremantle High Streets, so I had another read and agree with those who say it’s more fluff than substance.

The Mayor writes that Fremantle retail needs to be more than just food and beverage and no one would disagree with that, but Brad Pettitt does not say how the City wants to achieve that, and that is probably because the City has little to none to say about what kind of retailers the shop owners lease their spaces to, hence we will suddenly have four 7-Eleven shops in Freo.

I do agree with the Mayor that High Street in the West End has the potential to become Freo’s most attractive shopping strip because of its retail diversity, but just hoping for a retail mix of unique shops such as Love in Tokyo and Common Ground together with national mainstream brands like Zara and Country Road is pretty much unrealistic dreaming for at least another five years, until the planned increase of central city residents and office workers has become a reality. But will existing retailers survive that long?

The Mayor writes that we need “to curate our high streets to make them more coherent, diverse, attractive….” but he does not say how the City is going to try to influence that, but saying that pop-up shops can be part of the short-term solution. He admits in a comment under the blog post that the present planning scheme does not allow the City of Fremantle to not allow certain retailers to open shop even if we already have enough of similar retailers, so how do we curate against that?

We are aware than plans are in place at Kings Square, etc. to build 70,000 square metres of A-grade office space, but that development keeps being pushed back and unfortunately won’t be happening for many years to come I fear.

Our only hope it seems is the, to be developed, new economic development strategy that should be outcome based and deal with reality rather than dreams. Director Tom Griffiths is a very capable officer who left his mark in Perth, so I believe the new strategies he and his team will come up with will be very positive for Fremantle.

The one reality we will all have to live with is that substantial change will not happen in Freo for another 3-5 years, so patience is required and trying to work harmoniously together to achieve that. Constant criticism by locals is not helpful as it will create the perception in outsiders that Fremantls is just going down hill and no longer worth a visit. Fremantle is still a great place to live and relax in so we need to tell that positive story while avoiding spin.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on September 24, 2014

A new exciting and stunning-looking new fashion business has opened at 1 Pakenham Street, Fremantle. The LESSONS CONCEPT STORE in the basement is amazing and would have made for a great small bar as well.

Wander down in the moody spot lit store and you think you are in a metropolis somewhere else in the world, because Freos has not seen anything like this before.

They sell high-end streetwear, specialty coffee, do music and events and there is even a traditional barber on Friday nights.

Opening times are 7.30 am to 6 pm Monday to Thursday, 7,30 am – 0 pm on Fridays, 10-6 on Saturdays and 10-4 on Sundays.

Go check it out you young groovy lot!


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Posted in fremantle by freoview on September 23, 2014


The prices are down and many items for sale and bargains up for grabs in Fremantle, so why not support a local trader TODAY! Buy some new clothes, summer is approaching fast!

Take a stroll through town and check out what’s on offer, like here at Pure Apparel, the small boutique in High Street west, next to Common Ground, in the former New Edition bookshop building.

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Posted in fremantle, notre dame university, photography by freoview on August 28, 2014

There is an interesting article on Photoshop manipulation in regard to eating disorders of women, by Fremantle Notre Dame University School of Law lecturer Marilyn Krawitz in In Principo, the University’s magazine.

Ms Krawitz reports on the Photoshop Law in Israel that requires female models to have a minimum BMI of 18.5, and when photographers or magazines manipulate photos to make models look thinner, they have to include a warning that covers at least seven percent of the photo.

I quite agree that excessive photo manipulation needs to be recorded  somehow, as many photos are drastically changed in PS and other software, and that alters the reality of photos that will be seen as historic documentation by future generations.  The Photoshop ‘reality’ is in fact fake reality because things that were in the original photos might have been taken out, or things could have been added.

There is another issue for me. While eating disorder in young women is serious, the manipulation of innocent children under 15 in fashion photography is equally disturbing to me. Girls are made up and dressed up to look sexy,and are photographed in seductive poses and plastered on magazine covers as some kind of sex bombs, and that is absolutely unacceptable.

Every photo we take is the recording of our history and we need to be aware of that at all times. The overuse of Photoshop and other similar software often is a tool to hide bad and mediocre photography.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on August 12, 2014

closing 2closing 1


I know it is not unique to Fremantle, but it is still pretty depressing to see yet another fashion shop closing down in the run-down High Street Mall. So many people try, but so many businesses fail within a short time. Just up the road a new fashion shop had a 50% Sale on just two weeks after opening, not a good sign at all.

And then there is the way landlords allow building to deteriorate and councils unable to do much about it. The former Susan store is a disgrace. It has not been painted for years and now they slap black plastic on the windows. They don’t care. They don’t have a sense of civic responsibility to their community and the businesses around them. It makes me angry.

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Posted in city of fremantle, fremantle by freoview on June 29, 2014

Pure Apple

The people of the small fashion design boutique PURE APPLE in Fremantle High Street are jumping on the Worldcup soccer bandwagon and have put a soccer table game out on the veranda.

Pure Apple is next to the also new Common Ground fashion collective, and includes the dangerously named The Banker cafe. Let’s hope the coffee is good, or the B might be changed for another letter that is much later in the alphabet. ; >)

Support Freo’s local retailers!

Roel Loopers

P.S. Talking about traders, I hear that GRILL’D Burgers are moving into the former Merchant Teahouse premises on the Cappuccino Strip on the corner of Collie Street.


Posted in city of fremantle, fremantle by freoview on June 6, 2014

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That very special retail experience, MANY 6160 at Kings Square in Fremantle, is constantly changing, almost rebirthing. Several new retailers have moved into the space and they are delighted the very popular PIGEONHOLE brand is one of them.

There is also raw food and bread and more and different designer clothes, and wear, and furniture, and art, and, and, … You really have to go and have a look for yourself!

Many 6160 is only doing Friday to Sunday trading during the winter months, and that makes sense, so some of the young designers can support their venture into retail with a job on the side.

It’s very important that people in the Fremantle area support our local traders, as they are an integral part of our community.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 21, 2014

Fremantle is getting a retail boost in the West End of the City with several businesses opening shop there soon. In PSAS art studios in Pakenham Street Studio 37 Cafe is opening with great coffee made by barista Tom Wearne, known from Chalkys and the Moore&Moore Cafe.

At 82 High Street, where New Edition bookshop previously was, Common Ground will open with lots of fashion, a cafe, small bar, studios, and it will also be available for events and functions. They will be trading seven days a week and are one of the first recipients of the City of Fremantle Business Attraction Incentives that gave them a direct up front cash payment of $ 10,000.

Also opening in High Street is Vintage and Fair Trade boutique BiBi, who also received COF support, and of course New Edition will re-open soon on the corner of High and Henry Street next to Brooker Furniture.

Common Ground and BiBi both come from MANY 6160, the retail incubator at Kings Square.

The CoF Business Attraction Incentives is a scheme to attract new retailers to Fremantle and will pay up front cash, give discounted rates to landlords, or discounted leases of City owned buildings, similar to a scheme that is in place at the City of Perth.

The lease figures for 82 High Street I have heard mentioning are huge, so I sincerely hope the Common Ground operators have done a very realistic assessment of where Freo’s retail is at.

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