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Posted in city of fremantle, fremantle by freoview on June 29, 2014

Pure Apple

The people of the small fashion design boutique PURE APPLE in Fremantle High Street are jumping on the Worldcup soccer bandwagon and have put a soccer table game out on the veranda.

Pure Apple is next to the also new Common Ground fashion collective, and includes the dangerously named The Banker cafe. Let’s hope the coffee is good, or the B might be changed for another letter that is much later in the alphabet. ; >)

Support Freo’s local retailers!

Roel Loopers

P.S. Talking about traders, I hear that GRILL’D Burgers are moving into the former Merchant Teahouse premises on the Cappuccino Strip on the corner of Collie Street.


Posted in city of fremantle, fremantle by freoview on June 6, 2014

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That very special retail experience, MANY 6160 at Kings Square in Fremantle, is constantly changing, almost rebirthing. Several new retailers have moved into the space and they are delighted the very popular PIGEONHOLE brand is one of them.

There is also raw food and bread and more and different designer clothes, and wear, and furniture, and art, and, and, … You really have to go and have a look for yourself!

Many 6160 is only doing Friday to Sunday trading during the winter months, and that makes sense, so some of the young designers can support their venture into retail with a job on the side.

It’s very important that people in the Fremantle area support our local traders, as they are an integral part of our community.

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 21, 2014

Fremantle is getting a retail boost in the West End of the City with several businesses opening shop there soon. In PSAS art studios in Pakenham Street Studio 37 Cafe is opening with great coffee made by barista Tom Wearne, known from Chalkys and the Moore&Moore Cafe.

At 82 High Street, where New Edition bookshop previously was, Common Ground will open with lots of fashion, a cafe, small bar, studios, and it will also be available for events and functions. They will be trading seven days a week and are one of the first recipients of the City of Fremantle Business Attraction Incentives that gave them a direct up front cash payment of $ 10,000.

Also opening in High Street is Vintage and Fair Trade boutique BiBi, who also received COF support, and of course New Edition will re-open soon on the corner of High and Henry Street next to Brooker Furniture.

Common Ground and BiBi both come from MANY 6160, the retail incubator at Kings Square.

The CoF Business Attraction Incentives is a scheme to attract new retailers to Fremantle and will pay up front cash, give discounted rates to landlords, or discounted leases of City owned buildings, similar to a scheme that is in place at the City of Perth.

The lease figures for 82 High Street I have heard mentioning are huge, so I sincerely hope the Common Ground operators have done a very realistic assessment of where Freo’s retail is at.

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 18, 2014

The Grumpy Sailor Cafe is back! The cafe had to move when the New Edition bookshop they were part of went on the move. If you missed the great homemade bagels and good coffee, Grumpy Sailor is now at Paddy Troy Mall next to the bicycle shop there.

New Edition will re-open in a new premises on the corner of High and Henry Street next month, so it’s all good news for Fremantle.

I heard that a group of fashion designers have leased the former New Edition building and there will also be an Espresso Bar there. Let’s hope the high rent won’t make their dreams become nightmares. Good luck to all!

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 13, 2014

A quick reminder that the Fremantle Heritage Festival story telling circle is on today at 3.30 pm in the boardroom of the Chamber of Commerce at 16 Phillimore Street.

Come and listen to the intriguing life stories of artist Ian de Souza, fashion designer Sheree Dornan, Fremantle Foundation CEO Dylan Smith, Chamber CEO Tim Milsom and others, and share your own story with us.

It’s a free event organised by the Fremantle Society, so come along and bring some friends.

Roel Loopers


Posted in art, fremantle by freoview on May 9, 2014

art 1 art 2


















Yes, that’s what it’s called; the Sneakers Clash Wall, a new large mural at the back of the Fremantle Dome cafe along what locals know as Little Market Street. It’s all colourful and inspired by the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars ’70 Sneaker, and is part of  series of art installations around the globe.

Managed by Just Another Agency, graffiti artists Alex Lehours, York and Sheryo will work all weekend at the location. They invite fans to come along and interact with them and influence the creations through suggestions.

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 2, 2014

Come and join the Fremantle STORY TELLING CIRCLE on Tuesday May 13 at 3.30 p.m. Hear the incredible story of a young man who had to care for his siblings because of an absent mother, became a self-made millionaire, and is now the CEO of the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, and listen to the amazing story of one of Freo’s most prolific artists who studied to become a priest, had his own TV show, is a great cook, taught himself to play the piano and violin, etc.

There are so many great stories in our community and the FREMANTLE HERITAGE FESTIVAL is perfect to hold a story telling circle, organised by the Fremantle Society.

Listen to Love in Tokyo fashion designer Sheree Dornan, Fremantle Foundation CEO and former Dockers player Dylan Smith, artist Ian de Souza, Chamber CEO Tim Milsom and others. A woman who was born on the North Mole has promised to come and tell her story as well. What is your story that connects you with Freo? I might even tell my own.

It is a FREE event and no bookings required. Upstairs boardroom of the Chamber of Commerce at 16 Philliomore Street. Starts 3.30 sharp. Tuesday May 13.

Be part of the Fremantle Story!


Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on April 12, 2014

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There is a bit going on at Fremantle Kings Square today with new retailer MADEN opening at the MANY 6160 incubator. Maden sells exquisitely designed wears and is a collaboration of five female artists who have studios on the first floor. Go and see Dark Nouveau by Helen Creagh, Hanna Farleigh’s design, Haptic by Vaelei Walkden-Brown, Rocuco by Angela Ferolla and Stiff Clothing by Stephanie Viol. Maden is next to the cafe at the back of Many 6160.

While there join the opening of the Hollow Project, created by Sarah Blangiardo and Ariane Palassis of Feast Your Eyes. There will be mocktails and live music from 5-7 this eve.

And check out the digger artwork on the wall of the building and a stunning wood work art piece of a man pulling a heavy object in one of the windows.

it’s all very Freo, so support it!

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on April 12, 2014

I went to the PECHA KUCHA event at the Fremantle Fibonacci Centre last night and what a ‘food for thought’ evening it was. What impressed me most was that the audience was made up mainly of young people under 35 and that the place was packed. It shows that only when groups do things differently they remain relevant. Some struggling established community, political and artistic groups should take heed off that.

The format was very simple. Invite 12 people from different parts of the community to show 20 images and speak about each one for twenty seconds. Toby Whittington from Green World Revolution, graffiti artist Lady Bananas, Paul Pule from Men Alive Australia, the founders of Higher Ground Coffee, Fibonacci’s own delightfully quirky Robby Lang, photographer Aaron Bradbrook, designer Sheree Dornan from Love in Tokyo, games designer Kate Raynes-Goldie and Freo Mayor Brad Pettitt all talked about REVITALISATION, that was the theme of the night.

It was a fascinating, inspiring, thought provoking and a very relaxing evening, and it was also nice to see that the organisors were happy to only charge $ 5.00 entry fee and the same price for beer and wine. The Blinco Street Cafe served yummy curries.

I will make sure to remain in contact with the worldwide Pecha Kucha movement and be at the next events in Freo or Perth.

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 14, 2014

MANY 6160, the incubator retail project in the former Fremantle  MYER building at Kings Square will be with us many more months, so they have made an entry statement in front of the place.

Go and support these new young creatives!

Roel Loopers

MANY 6160


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